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10 Shepherd Market , London, W1J 7QF


020 3302 1661

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Squaremeal London Hot 100 2016Received with enthusiasm and garlanded with awards, Kitty Fisher’s is nothing if not popular – though limited table availability may have stemmed the flow of feedback from readers. If you can get in (keep an eye on social media for last-minute opportunities), you’ll find two intimate floors of close-packed tables, with mildly 18th-century stylings and a whisper of blush-pink velvet inspired by the eponymous courtesan. By contrast, the cooking is distinctly 21st century, ticking off whipped cod’s roe with bread and fennel butter, burrata with peas and mint, grilled langoustines draped in lardo or lamb rump with courgette, grelot onions, goats’ curd and smoked almonds. Quality is unfailingly high throughout, finishing on a top note with lemon tart or grilled strawberries, crumble and clotted-cream ice cream. The house cocktail is the gin-based Bad Kitty, while a short, fairly priced wine list runs alongside the artfully mixed drinks.


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Kitty Fisher's Location

10 Shepherd Market , London W1J 7QF


020 3302 1661

Opening times

Mon-Fri 12N-2.30pm Mon-Sat 6.30-9.30pm

Kitty Fisher's's Reviews


Food & Drink: 8.3


Service: 7.7


Atmosphere: 7.1


Value: 6.6


Food + drink: 5

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 5

16 June 2016

I've often (/sometimes......OK, purely for the purposes of this review!) considered restaurants as similar to guests at a party..... The shiny suited, square shoed braggard who spends his evening looking over your shoulder for a better option and making not infrequent trips to the loo? Brings to mind Sexy Fish. The sparsely dressed friend of a friend (head of PR at XYZ don't you know) who drops in at 10:30, drinks a glass of champagne with the DJ and leaves at 11:10 for cocktails elsewhere? Chiltern Firehouse all over. The silver fox Godfather who just popped by with his nieces 21st birthday present - but in the process wooed every single (& attached) woman (& man) in a half mile radius? Welcome to the Wolseley. A great party needs all of these. But the very best parties feature one more attendee; He (for Kitty Fishers is most certainly a man) wears a well cut navy blue suit and gifts the hostess beautifully cut flowers and fine white wine chilled to the bone. He meets every fellow guest with such sincerity and charm that they bask in the warmth of seeing of an old friend - no matter if they've only just been introduced. You find yourself politely chatting with other people but all the while wandering where he is - for all the fun is surely centred there. Kitty Fishers is this guest and it is the staff (in particular Tom the Restaurant Manager) who create such a memorable character. I could go on about the delicious bread & burnt onion butter, eulogise about the Galician steak & Tunworth potatoes - never did I think that £88 for beef could be deemed good wrong I was - or urge you to try the Lemon tart even if you're not a dessert person. But I won't. I'll merely say that much like attending a party without meeting "that" guest feels like a waste of time, eating anywhere but Kitty Fisher's suddenly seems just a little pointless.


Food + drink: 2

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 1

Value: 0

06 April 2016

This restaurant is just too small to work ! As you enter, there are only 3 tiny tables for two, most of the space is taken up by the bar ! The wall at the side of us was dirty with food stains. Our lunch was average, the potatoes were hard and the fish full of bones. The bavette steak was tasteless, the ox cheek starter and the bread were the only good dishes ! The barman and waitress washed and dried cutltlery as we ate, eager to get cleared up and close ! The owner walked back and fourth through the tiny place chatting on his mobile for a considerable time which didn't add anything to the atmosphere ! We have had some fantastic meals in London, this was not one of them !


Food + drink: 3

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 2

Bronze Reviewer
05 April 2016

My friend and I have been trying to eat here for months and one Monday night got a last minute reservation. The restaurant was filled with tourists who were all dressed like they just got off the Big Bus. The waitress was dismissive and first tried to rush our order then ignored us for fifteen minutes. The crab was tasteless, the beef was chewy and the drinks weak. Honestly, what's the hype about? Massively underwhelming.