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2 Biscayne Avenue, off Blackwall Way , London, E14 9QT

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There isn’t much action at calm, campus-like New Providence Wharf, so this neighbourhood ristorante is something of a social hub. The pizzas certainly taste better in the buzzy glass-fronted dining room than they do from a box in front of the telly. ‘Britalian’ classics such as avocado & prawns, tagliolini with creamy chicken sauce & the dreaded ham & pineapple combo crop up here as predicted, but Il Bianco also touts some poshed-up pizza toppings, pastas & seasonal specials featuring mozzarella di bufala, lobster, scallops & wild mushrooms for deeper pockets. The wine list takes a similar tack, offering plenty of the usual sub-£20 Italian stuff plus some swanky bottles at the upper end. ‘The menu reads well’, although execution doesn’t always match expectation; service also generates the odd niggle.

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2 Biscayne Avenue, off Blackwall Way , London E14 9QT

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Mon-Sun 12N-3pm 6-11pm (Sat 1pm- Sun -10.30pm)

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Food & Drink: 6.2


Service: 2.8


Atmosphere: 4.2


Value: 2.6


Food + drink: 2

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 0

Value: 0

15 June 2014

I live very close to this restaurant and therefore have eaten here a few times for lack of choice locally. However, unless you are caught in a similar situation, where you don't have any other place to go, avoid this place like plague. The food is average but what is most disturbing about this restaurant is the staff who are a bunch of thugs. I have had the misfortune of asking them to move their illegal parked car blocking the lone dropped kerb for disabled and pram access and was asked to shut my mouth. They asked me if I was the police and if not then they were free to park illegally and I should not dare question them. Imagine eating here and being caught on the wrong side of a food or bill – either you have to be the police or you better do what is commanded. I am sorry to have patronised such a pack of inconsiderate rude staff, if you fancy, venture at your own risk!


Food + drink: 3

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 3

29 December 2013

I live very close the restaurant, so I have been there several times during the last year. My first visit happened on a late night, on my way home. Me and my girlfriend saw the restaurant lights and decided to check whether it was working. The waiter told us that the kitchen was still open and that we had sufficient time to have dinner, so we decided to get a table. After few minutes (~3 or 4 minutes) looking at the menu and deciding what to order, the same waiter comes back and says the kitchen is closing and we wouldn't be served. I felt outraged and left, swearing I'd never come back. Few months later I decided to give it another try, since it's so close to my flat and there's no other restaurants close. This second time I was a little bit luckier and have been served by a very helpful waiter — which sadly no longer works there. After this day I went back several other times and, despite the cold, and sometimes rude, treatment received, it still felt like a good option, given there's nothing else this close. I even had my Christmas Eve dinner there — did I mention there are no other options around here? It went like this until today. I decided to have dinner there, along with my girlfriend and a friend. We weren't very hungry, so decided to order just one Pizza for us three, along with drinks. Bear in mind that we were already seated, with menus open. After a few minutes trying to get the attention of a waiter, we were informed that we wouldn't be served. Apparently, we cannot order a pizza and decide later if we will have another one. The waiter said: “If you want just one pizza, you'll have to take it away. It's not possible to serve just one pizza for three people”. I felt, again, outraged. The pizza has a decent size and would be a fair meal for three people at any given time. I asked the waiter if he knew me and remembered how many times I have been there before, and consequently, how much I have spent there over the past year. He didn't seem to care. I've never felt so humiliated in my whole life. Being a restaurant owner myself, I cannot even imagine my customers being treated like this, just the thought of it gives me shivers. I will never go there again.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 1

18 August 2013

An enjoyable evening with waiters paying a lot of attention to customers making most of a tiny uninspiring space. Calamari starter converted from main course was excellent with calamari cooked just right. Minestrone soup had a homely feel. Veal as main course was also very pleasant. Not so as regards the tiramisu which was average at best and a little too much gelatine in the panacotta. Unfortunately I was stupid enough not to check the bill where there was a service charge (despite the menu saying that this would only apply for tables of 5 or more whereas there were only 4 of us) and my additional 12% tip was gladly accepted on my card payment. Some honesty here would have gone a long way.

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