First Aid Box and Blinder



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119 Dulwich Road , London, SE24 0NG

First Aid Kit cafe cocktail bar Herne Hill London
first aid box london herne hill bar cafe
First Aid Box 2015 5
First Aid Box 2015 4
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First Aid Kit cafe cocktail bar Herne Hill London

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TV show Peaky Blinders provides the inspiration behind this brooding hangout from the boys behind The Shrub & Shutter. Blinder, modelled on a 1920s Brummie bar, is open on Fridays and Saturdays only and is big on rum and killer gin jobs. It’s the bolt-on backroom behind First Aid Box, which, as the name implies, is all about ‘health and nutrition’ – for which read hoochy pick-me-ups your GP is unlikely to endorse. There’s Penicillin (obviously), but also Coffee & Cigarettes (a smoky Campari, Amaretto and Picon prescription) and Jungle Fever (a coco-creamy double rum-dosed palliative). Several mixes aim to offset alcohol’s toxicity by incorporating fresh fruit and veg juices, quinoa, yoghurt, royal honey, vitamin C… and a syringe filled with Chambord in the case of Brockwell Park Bramble. Diet-sheet options include quality charcuterie and artisan cheeses, plus goodies from pop-ups such as Peckham’s Eastern Bloc – just what the doctor ordered.

First Aid Box and Blinder Location

119 Dulwich Road , London SE24 0NG

Opening times

Tues-Sun 9am-11pm (Fri-Sat -12M Sun -5pm)

First Aid Box and Blinder 's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.0


Service: 5.0


Atmosphere: 4.5


Value: 5.0

Food + drink: 2

Service: 1

Atmosphere: 0

Value: 1

15 March 2016

Sat for 25 mins - no service. Bunch of guys who seemed to work there or to know the people who did were singing in a really annoying way and dancing through bar behaving like idiots, keeping the staff busy. They then started wandering round bar singing, hanging round our shoulders trying to sing to us in a hilariously ironic way. Drink was ok. The guys who reminded us of candidates from the apprentice continued to irritate us. We asked the waitress who they were. 'Friends of the manager. They're a bit annoying. Should I ask them to give it a rest!' 'Yes!' After that one of them continued to bash into our backs repeatedly until we left. Not cool. Felt like it was run by this group of guys who were at some desperately uncool frat party. It's a no from us.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

Bronze Reviewer
23 February 2016

This is a gem of restaurant, of impeccably hip credentials, located in an eclectic stretch of shops near Herne Hill station. Bijou in size, the imagination of its cooking (sensibly limited to a handful of nicely balanced dishes) is impressive. A quick work-day lunch produced a fabulous fritter of corn and red pepper set off with a heap of mashed avocado, a few chicken oysters and some strips of crisped prosciutto - masterly! The other main was an earthy salad of jerusalem artichokes, again full of flavour. Washed down with a couple of bottles of the local Canopy pale ale (fragrant to the point of fruitiness), the bill came to £23.80! I'll be going back - often!

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