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This cross-Channel outpost of Parisian celebrity haunt Ferdi has brought a whole new level of anxiety to securing a table in London. Reservations can only be made via text, and your table may disappear in the course of your messaging. If you manage to get through the door, you’ll find a tiny wood-panelled dining room in Shepherd Market, with soft toys arranged around the ceiling and paper-topped tables packed so closely they require shifting when your neighbour needs to use the loo. The menu is reproduced in English, French and Spanish and it repays to be trilingual: there is no chilli con carne on the English list, but there is on the French. The famous ‘Mac Ferdi’ cheeseburger is far and away the best thing to eat. The repertoire is otherwise fairly hotchpotch (Greek salad, nachos, meatballs and mash). Breaded prawns had sweet meat but the appearance of a supermarket canapé; macaroni cheese came with a huge ruff of shaved ham encircling the bowl (instead of mingled in the pasta); and Belgian waffles with whipped cream tasted shop-bought. To be fair, Ferdi has arrived without generating any of its own PR fanfare, the tables of mostly French diners were having a whale of a time, and the French staff could not have been lovelier. But on the basis of the food, it’s not hard to see why London has stolen Paris’s crown as the best place to eat in Europe.

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30 Shepherd Market , London W1J 7QN

Opening times

Mon-Sun 12N-3pm 5.30pm-12M (Sun -11.30pm)

Ferdi's Reviews


Food & Drink: 3.0


Service: 3.5


Atmosphere: 2.5


Value: 2.0


Food + drink: 2

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 1

Value: 1

07 April 2017

I went with three other friends for dinner tonight and we were extremely disappointed. Firstly the atmosphere was terrible. The vast majority of guests were middle eastern - which as a frequent traveller to the region I have no problem with - but it does mean that everyone is on their phones and not a single person is talking. This wouldn't be a problem if the tables weren't so close together. The food is very mediocre. The famous burger is sloppy and wet with rose marie sauce. Fast food burger joints are much better. The cost for all of this was rediculouly high - almost £300 for us to eat wet tasteless burgers and fries. Would never recommend this place.

Food + drink: 1

Service: 1

Atmosphere: 1

Value: 1

30 January 2017

Truly disappointing. The "famous" cheeseburger was awful. A thin grey patty, smothered in acidic burger sauce, a tiny shaving of gherkin and a slice of individually packeted plastic burger cheese, with a stale old-school sesame seed bun. Grim - certainly not up to the standards of any London restaurant I've been to. Macdonalds is better than this. On top of that, it was extortionate. My friend and I went for lunch, each had a cheeseburger, shared a portion of chips (£6!!) and drank tap water. The bill came to £42. Last but not least, the management have crammed in far too many tables into what could be a cosy space. Instead, it's cramped and claustrophobic. Genuinely disappointed that this place is taking up a slot in Shepherd Market.