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Lockes Wharf, Westferry Road , London, E14 3WA

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On the southernmost point of the Isle of Dogs, this elegant and upmarket Thai is worth seeking out for the views of Greenwich from its large alfresco terrace ("a great outdoor option in summer"). One fan reckons Elephant Royale serves "the best Thai curry in London"; we're not so sure, but it certainly delivers food a few notches up from the high-street norm. Complex and layered flavours should be in balance in a Thai meal, so order a mix of styles: a salad (shredded green papaya, for example); some noodles; a seafood dish such as fried grouper with tamarind sauce, and a curry (dry red pork, say). Vegetarians have plenty of choice, and there are several good deals including a business lunch and Sunday buffet. "Friendly staff" are also appreciated at this stylish Thai contender.

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Elephant Royale Location

Lockes Wharf, Westferry Road , London E14 3WA

Nearby Landmarks

Ofcom 590m

Cutty Sark 600m

Opening times

Mon-Fri 12N-3pm 5.30-10.30pm Sat-Sun 12N-11pm (Sun -10pm)

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Food & Drink: 4.5


Service: 6.0


Atmosphere: 6.0


Value: 4.0


Food + drink: 0

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 0

03 July 2012

I havent reviewed a restaurant before, and really wanted to following my visit to The Elephant Royal. I battled with writing this as we all make mistakes in business and in life in general, but when its a really awful experience one feels compelled! I have lived in the Docklands for over 10 years and have eaten here many times. The food is generally ok, no complaints but no fireworks either, the decor is a little shabby but homely but its a nice place to go for a quiet lunch on your own or for a business lunch without having to shout to be heard which can be the case in many of the restaurants around the wharf However, my visit today, for lunch, was simply appalling. My starter of paper prawns still had the intestinal tract on the prawn and I was given raw chicken (garlic chicken from the business menu), and offered no apology and still had to pay for the meal! I mentioned this to the waitress and in the first instance she told me thats what the prawns look like…yes they do – before they are cleaned properly. And in the second instance with the chicken, the waitress said that its hard to cook this kind of chicken! What does that mean? I asked for details of the Head Office or the manager and she gave me a card with the number of The Gants Hill branch. I did call them and spoke to the manager who didnt quite know why I was referred to him, but gave me some advice on dealing with this. Incredibly disappointing customer service, and as the restaurant was pretty empty; a table of 4 and two tables of 1 (including me), there is simply no excuse for lacking attention to detail. Both the chicken and the prawn were in my mouth before I realised that there was something wrong with them and I am just hoping that I havent gained an upset stomach from this experience. Very very disappointing experience and staff who simply did not care.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 3

Bronze Reviewer
15 November 2010

We happen to live nearby…so the ER is very convenience but that doesn't mean we go regularly… saying that we are always recognised and warmly greeted with a smile. Sitting next to the river overlooking Greenwich Cutty Sark it is a great spot. The restaurant is divided into 2 …separated by a great horse shoe shaped bar. There is a seating area where you can relax , drink cocktails and have snack food…and then on the other side there is the main restaurant with many tables catering for 2 to a private booth to a long table for 20 people …The atmosphere is invariably good … especially Thurs Fri and Sat nights. Friday and Sat they have someone either playing the piano or guitar…singing on and off during the evening which is nice to have. The bar has an array of locals… to regulars… to passers by…and the staff do work tirelessly to make everyone happy. Food is always fresh…I don't think I have ever had a ''bad meal'' .. The ER has a decent selection of Thai food…from stir fries to sizzling dishes to their red, green and yellow curries… The one negative I could give it ?.. They could change their menu …( hence why we go once every couple of months ) The cooks however can be seen doing their thing through massive windows which run along the walkway as you enter the ER .. …which is always a comforting thing. .In the summer months all the door are open and tables are placed outside for alfresco dining which is always VERY popular…as is the Sunday buffet…You pay a straight fee and help yourself basically. Give it a try .. It;s not the cheapest place out there…but it has a nice pleasant atmosphere …I'm sure you'll like it …

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