Bunga Bunga Battersea

37 Battersea Bridge Road , London, SW11 3BA

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SquareMeal Review of Bunga Bunga Battersea

The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the now-notorious romps reportedly favoured by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi – no wonder this self-styled ‘Englishman’s Italian bar, pizzeria and karaoke’ has proved a hit with the Made in Chelsea posse and sundry partying royals. Festooned in retro souvenir garb, it’s a deliberate send-up of package holidays circa 1970 – think ‘gondoliers’ touting ‘aperitivo hour’ classics and interesting novelties such as a Canteloupe Collins built on melon and Parma ham-infused vodka. Spirits by the bottle are the thing in the Eurovision-themed party lounge upstairs, while Sicilian house vino by the carafe is the tipple of choice to go with cured meats, bruschetti and wafer-thin crust pizzas with cheesy names. To complete the offering, the top-floor ‘L’Osservatorio’, available for private hire, comes with telescopes for star-gazing – or indulging in some bunga-bunga voyeurism. Expect great fun Saturday party brunches with entertainment and karaoke too.

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Food & Drink: 6.0

Service: 6.0

Atmosphere: 7.5

Value: 6.0

Food & Drink: 2.0

Service: 2.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 2.0

Mrs Smith 16 December 2012

Booked Bunga Bunga back in November for a group of us for a Xmas together last night on the 14th Dec … when we got to the venue … it was closed?! … weird as we had a 7pm booking … apparently they do not open until exactly 7 pm but get this you only get a 2 hour table max, OK fine if you can go to the bar, chill and have a few drinks beforehand right ? but no you wait outside and just wait for the privilege for them to open the door to you .. nice welcome NOT – there wasn't anyone on the door to explain this … so I basically walked around the corner and asked the kitchen staff … a few other guests were a bit peeved as well .. well its not the best first impression is it ? Unfortunately it did not get any better for us… the didn't have my booking and I had paid an initial £80 deposit back in November … great! …thankfully had the email confirmation on my phone… at first they tried to rectify the problem with fobbing us off with a tiny table next to the door – I had a booking for 8 guests! I spent the beginning of the night trying to explain to the staff that 2 of us were pregnant and wanted to check about dietary requirements and drinks etc … one waiter said “congratulations!!” and then just walked off !!… eventually I asked the manager for a round of complimentary drinks as an apology which he agreed to… so to summarise BUNGA BUNGA has a great vibe and atmosphere for a fun night out with friends – but underneath the facade is a poorly organised restaurant that really just wants you in and out as quick as possible if you have the early sitting of 7pm – we were charged around £70 per head for drinks and food and 2 of us weren't drinking alcohol. I would double check your booking on the day just to make sure they have your details before you get to the restaurant and make sure you have an email confirmation.

Food & Drink: 3.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 3.0

Value: 3.0

BoatLady platinum reviewer 10 September 2012

Bunga Bunga is Chelsea meets Chav but if it's good enough for Prince Harry then it's good enough for the rest of us. Decor is “totes amaze” with lots of generic Italian motifs (hanging Vespas and giant tomato tins on tables) as well as a disturbing number of pictures of The Man Himself. I feel a smidge uncomfortable in a place celebrating a premier who never tempered his Rupert Murdoch style media empire despite his political office, who changed laws thereby preventing the prosecution of various charges against him, whose rumoured mafia-funded wealth has never been traced, not to mention the man's sexism, racism and religious bigotry, but on the upside the highlighting of the sex scandal buffoonery is a happy reminder to those of us not actually governed by Mr Berlusconi of the comedy value he brought to European politics for so long. Being here is a bit like being in one of his channel's TV shows: every 10 minutes or so the music blasts up and out come some skimpily clad dancing girls for our entertainment. What a surprise then that BB actually serves pretty decent food. We had some particularly delicious mozzarella which had burrata levels of creaminess and great fried zucchini as well as a number of other tasty starters like thick parma ham and slabs of parmigiano. Pizza, which comes on one long sharing-friendly platter, is nearly Neapolitan standard with its crispy base and fresh toppings. Prosecco comes served in champagne boats, rather than flutes, which are tricky to drink from when you are moved off your table after the 2-hour turnaround and into the bar, but then it's time to move up to the Eurovision/Eurotrash disco room for serious dancing anyway. It's fairly priced and service is good, although I suspect the waitress may have been hitting on me at one point (all part of the Bunga Bunga service?). A great place for Friday fun and a rival to any Clapham based Infernos night, Bunga Bunga is set to remain in our consciousness long after Mr Berlusconi has mercifully faded from it.


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