On the hunt for a caterer? We’ve got one for every occasion

On the hunt for a caterer? We’ve got one for every occasion

Updated on 14 June 2018 • Written By Tonje Odegard

On the hunt for a caterer? We’ve got one for every occasion
The food at your event can mean the difference between disaster and success - but where do you start looking? We think you'll find our top picks of caterers helpful

Eden Caterers - purple cauliflower and carrot

Occasion High-end event, office delivery and casual events
USP The sky’s the limit 

Eden Caterers has three outlets; Eden by Adrian Collischon (for your show-off event), Eden Events (specialising in canapés for receptions), and Eden Express (best for business meetings at your office). We only have three words to say about the bespoke menus: Monopoly-themed canapés.

Ginger Jar - catering

Occasion Product launches to seated feasts
USP Forward-thinking flavour combinations and food design

If you’re looking for food that will get people talking, Ginger Jar’s innovative menus will do the job. You’ll be surprised at some of the flavour combinations, and the stylish presentation not only makes it look seriously inviting, but will easily pimp up your guests’ Instagram feeds. 

Jim and Tonic Gin fruit cocktails events

Occasion Summer parties, drinks receptions  
USP Prohibition-branded vans delivering a variety of unusual G&T combinations

This G&T van can be used for a stand-alone drinks reception or it can help give your summer party a fun twist. 

Easy Gourmet catering

Occasion Large banquets
USP Their ingredients are sourced from London food markets

This high-quality caterer manages the food side of big events in the City’s livery halls. They also offer event management services, so it’s a one-stop shop. 

Bibbers event caterers

Occasion Drinks receptions and dinners  
USP Cocktails expertise, including menu consulting

If you’re keen to impress your guests with something other than the house wine, Bibbers will sort you out. With their deep knowledge of booze and how to match it with food, you can enhance your diners’ experience. 

Boulevard Events catering

Occasion Sports hospitality to fine-dining 
USP Their food-station experiences, where chefs serve and interact with the guests

The different food stations serve up restaurant-quality food that can be as casual or posh as you wish. The award-winning caterers create menus from around the world, guided by executive chef Adam Neale.

Berkeley Catering cocktail stick canapes

Occasion Trendy, high-end corporate catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
USP Their ready-to-serve canapés

With more than 20 years’ experience, the chefs at Berkeley are a talented bunch. And don’t be scared off by the word ‘high-end’ (it doesn’t have to mean stiff upper lip) –  Berkeley also caters more casual events.

Bubbledogs Johnny the van - caterer

Occasion Summer parties, fizz tastings and straight-down-the-line corporate events
USP It’s a yellow van serving hot dogs and champagne – what more could you want? 

The mustard-coloured van’s concept is pretty straightforward, but a good one; it serves banging hot dogs alongside chilled fizz. It’s a fun and trendy element to any event. 

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