Christmas table favours: Start the gifting early

You won't miss a Christmas cracker after getting one of these

Updated on 29 October 2019 • Written By Aneesa Anwar

Christmas table favours: Start the gifting early

When it comes to planning your yearly Christmas party, it’s normal to prioritise planning all the big important things first. From venue, to food and entertainment you might think that as long as you have those things ticked off your list your sorted. And in some cases that may be all you need for your guests to have a great time. However, to really make it memorable (in a good way) it’s often the little things that are remembered and appreciated the most. By this we mean, different and exciting welcome drinks, goody bags before people leave and of course, fun table favours.

Now when we say table favours, we don’t mean tacky mesh bags of sugared almonds, or even worse – regular almonds, that will almost definitely be left at the end of the night. We mean things that will get people talking, from Baileys flavoured marshmallows to CBD oils, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what will greet your guests as they take their seats at the table.

Not only are they super fun, but if you happen to get your seating arrangements a little wrong (it happens to the best of us), you have an automatic conversation starter for the people that might not have previously known each other, crisis averted.

This is your chance to get creative, but to help you out we have put together a list of some fun and different Christmas table favour ideas to treat your guests to. We can almost guarantee you won’t see any of these left on tables at the end of the night. 


Lollipop Favours  

Why: This isn’t your typical childish lollipop. Pick from a range of colours, designs and boozy flavours and enjoy this stylish sweet treat before you head to the dancefloor for the rest of the night. 
How much: From£3.50 per lollipop
More info:


Limited Edition Gourmet Marshmallows 

Why: Gone are the days where sickly sweet and squidgy cubes are found crushed at the bottom of party bags, marshmallows are having a moment. Gift these Baileys-flavoured gourmet marshmallows instead of traditional ones, one to two marshmallows should be enough to give guests an adequate sugar rush, but if you’re feeling extra generous the whole box makes for a beautiful gift to take home. 
How much: £7.50 per pack
More info:  


Ladurée gift box of two Macarons 

Why: Nothing says luxury quite like macarons. These little boxes from Ladurée might not last long, but we can assure you they’ll be appreciated and look stunning as part of the table decoration. 
How much: £5.90 per box
More info:   


Mulled wine spice kits  

Why: When it comes to Christmas beverages, there is nothing more festive than mulled wine. If you fancy making your own but don’t know where to start, these Mulled Wine Spice Kits, AKA a tea bag of mulled wine, contain all the spices needed to make the Christmas drink. Just add wine.  
How much: £3.95 per pack
More info:


Marshmallow Dark Hot Chocolate Spoon with Mint Syrup 

Why: Have hot chocolate in seconds with these super easy hot chocolate stirrers. They come complete with marshmallows, making them perfect for cold Christmassy days and even better for a sweet treat when you’re hungover the day after your party. All you need to do is add milk (and whipped cream if you want to go all out).  
How much: £3.50 each
More info: 


3% CBD oil with hemp oil carrier 

Why: Go for a slightly unconventional but on-trend Christmas table favour and gift a bottle of CBD Oil. Not only will this get people talking, but guests will thank you for this one (and in case you’re wondering yes, it’s completely legal).  
How much: £30 per bottle
More info:  


Hang=over Hangover Cure Vegetable Capsules 2 

Why: Pop one of these Hang=over supplements before you start drinking and have a happy (supposedly) hangover-free next day. This product might just become your new best friend before a night out.
How much: £4.99 per sachet  
More info:   


M&Ms designer case 

Why: Everyone loves M&Ms and now you can personalise them by monograming each individual one with your company’s logo or people's initials, we can guarantee your guest will be thrilled when they see them and they probably won’t last long either – talk about a tasty way to start the night. 
How much: £2.99 per bag
More info:



Why: Wish people a year of happiness and growth, quite literally. Just put these Growbars in a flower pot and watch them flourish, a great reminder of what will hopefully be a fantastic night, and a great addition to any house or flat, especially in a busy city with little greenery. 
How much: £4.00 per bar
More info:   


Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey Pocket Tin  

Why: If it’s good enough for the Queen, then it’s definitely good enough for your guests. Gift a warming treat for the colder months with the Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey tea tins. Anyone for a cuppa?
How much: £4.95 per tin
More info:  


Edible Cocktail 

Why: Enjoy these alcoholic gummies like a sweet, or pop them in your drink for a fizzy surprise. These moreish delights are bound to be a hit so we suggest over ordering on these babies.
How much: £15 per box
More info:  


Archipelago Luna travel tin scented candle

Why: It may be cliché but you can’t go wrong with a candle, can you. These archipelago candles come in little tins, are super easy to take home and are a long lasting reminder of what a fantastic party it was. 
How much: £8.50 per candle 
More info:  


Touchland Hand Sanitizer

Why: This may seem like an odd one at first, but if you are headed straight from the office to the party/dinner your hands are likely to be a little grubby. Why not help your guests freshen up with this sprayable hand sanitizer. It smells great too and is great for keeping on desks and in handbags.
How much: £12 each
More info: 


Personalised Reindeer Place Name setting 

Why: Not only are these name settings unbelievably pretty and festive, but they are also handy too. Place settings are ideal for making sure everyone follows your table plans and make for great personalised souvenirs to take home at the end of the night.
How much: £1.50 each
More info:


Christmas Matchstick Puzzles

Why: Help guests embrace their inner child with these fun (and surprisingly tricky) matchstick puzzles. Ideal for filling the time before and in between courses and even better to take home and play with the kids. Coming in matchboxs they are also great to pop in a pocket at the end of the night too. Just try not to lose any of the pieces.
How much:
£9.99 for six
More info:


Kiehls Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm

Why: All that talking and eating mixed in with the cold weather is likely to leave some pretty dry lips. Softening lip balm isn’t only a great treat, but very practical too. Your guest will all leave with a new essential beauty product and since it’s no shine it’s perfect for men and women.
How much: £8 each
More info:


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