Corporate gift guide 2019: How to woo your clients

We've scoured the retail realm to find gorgeous gifts for every type of client

Updated on 13 November 2019

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Corporate gift guide 2019: How to woo your clients

Buying for clients can be hard, but treating your favourite clients to a Christmas present always helps maintain good business relationships. The question, though, is how do you keep it fresh, up-to-date and avoid giving the same thing every year? For starters, ditch the old hamper, they are so cliché and they’ll most likely be sick of receiving them by now so it’s time to think outside the box a little.

Not only is this the time to show clients they are appreciated, but it gives you a chance to get creative. There are so many great gifting items out there at the moment so we understand it can be difficult to navigate through the vast retail realm, which is why we’ve done it for you. This list breaks down all the things we think clients would love. From the safe and practical options, to the quirky out there gifts. We’ve even put them into handy sections to make things even easier, the only thing you have to do is order your favourites and then decide which client would suit which gift best (we’ve taken a guess at that too by the way).

By the time you’re done gifting you’ll be known as one of the best gift givers in the biz and that’s a title you definitely shouldn’t be ashamed of. It does of course mean you have to up your game for next year, in which case we’ll see you back here this time next year too?  

Tech and Gadgets

For all the tech-obsessed clients who just have to have the latest and most stylish innovations (we’ve put some practical gifts on here too)  

Pioneer MS7BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Why: These retro-looking headphones might look giant, but are in fact incredibly lightweight. What’s more, they are wireless and connect via Bluetooth with a 12-hour battery ideal for business trips and long commutes.  
Best for: The music-loving, gadget-obsessed geek
How much: £99
More info:


Back Me Up! Charging Cord

Why: We can guarantee that this five foot-long cord will change your client’s life. It means charging can happen while using the phone in bed or on the sofa (or in the office). Oh, and did we mention that it’s rainbow-coloured?
Best for: The one who always runs out of battery
How much: £16
More info:


Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness Watch

Why: Help your fitness-conscious client keep track of their workout or help them make good of their New Year’s resolution for a healthier self with this waterproof smartwatch in a trendy rose gold.
Best for: The health freak
How much: £169
More info:


Lexon Mino Bluetooth Speaker

Why: This sleek Quaglio Simonelli-designed portable speaker in dark green will be a nifty little thing for your client to bring to the park come summertime – it even takes selfies, the perfect party starting gadget.
Best for: The vain on-the-go music-lover
How much: £30
More info:


Books and Games

If your clients prefer to stay away from technology in their spare time, gift them something paper themed instead

Poker Dice

Why: Help your client stay on top of their game with these decorative poker dice that are specially marked to simulate a playing-card deck’s top six cards.
Best for: The gambler
How much: £5
More info:


Dior by YSL by Assouline

Why: This brick of a book is not only an enjoyable read of memorable haute couture creations conceived and handcrafted by Dior since its inception, but will look beautiful on a coffee table or office shelf.
Best for: The fashionista
How much: £150
More info:


Poolside with Slim Aarons

Why: Although it may be the dead of winter, when they receive this, your client will be day dreaming of summer days in sunnier climates after a flick through this incredibly chic coffee table book. Filled with glamourous people living glamourous lives and doing glamourous things (all poolside by the way) this quirky gift will give your client some holiday inspo.
Best for: The traveller
How much: £60
More info:


Tom Dixon Tool The Bookworm Quill

Why: This golden quill-shaped bookmark is an essential for any avid reader. With this, your clients can kiss lousy paper bookmarks that fold and tear in the bottom of handbags and backpacks firmly goodbye.
Best for: The bookworm
How much: £15
More info:


Fashion and Beauty

For only the most stylish clients in your address book

The Chronicler Aesop gift set

Why: If your client is a big traveller there’s nothing quite like giving the gift of a moment’s rest and recuperation. Show them you care with this skin care trio from Aesop which includes an exfoliator, a cleansing masque and a luxurious face oil – perfect for a quick refresh post-flight.
Best for: The traveller
How much: £97
More info:

Impala Rollerskates Holographic Quad Roller Skates

Why: These retro-inspired roller skates will not only send your client on a nostalgic trip, but will hopefully give them a good laugh when they take them for a spin around the block (or the office).
Best for: The adventurous and sporty hipster
How much: £89
More info:


Medium Mount Street Backpack

Why: This smart tan leather back-pack is the perfect way to carry laptops and folders to and from the office, and will work equally well as an accessory for a business lunch - kit your client out to be the trendiest commuter.
Best for: The trendy businessman with lots to carry
How much: £595
More info:


THATSAHAT! Dusky rose pompom chunky-knit beanie

Why: Make sure your client stays warm this winter with this cute knitted beanie. Perfectly on trend and made with a top-quality blend of wool and cashmere, this is sure to impress.
Best for: The constantly cold one
How much: £150
More info:


Rosie Sugden Bed Socks

Why: Ensure your clients have no frosty toes this winter with these soft Scottish cashmere socks. Bedtime can’t come soon enough. These will be the most stylish socks they’ll receive all year.
Best for: The cold-blooded  
How much: £35
More info:


Set of 3 Thornback & Peel Stag Handkerchiefs

Why: These hand-printed cotton handkerchiefs will keep your clients happy when that winter cold inevitably kicks in. Help them keep their noses dry in style; they even come in a pack so you can lend one to a sniffling companion.
Best for: The one who is always sick
How much: £18
More info:


Horizn Studios Polycarbonate Carry-on Suitcase


Why: Nowadays, travelling through airports is no longer just getting from A to B. Instead it has become a competition of who has the most stylish airport outfit or more importantly, the most stylish (and practical) luggage. This super sleek carry-on suitcase will be much appreciated on said person's next business trip. It even has a built in charger.
Best for: The frequent business class traveller
How much: £280
More info:



Help your clients deck out their offices/ houses

Fornasetti Silk High Fidelity Cushion

Why: This uber-cool cat-print cushion in silk will add an interesting touch to your clients sofa – be it in the office or at home.
Best for: The crazy cat lady  
How much: £225
More info:


The Organic Sheep Cashmere Sheepskin Cushion

Why: This fury and gorgeous 100% cashmere cushion will make the office or home of your client look instantly luxurious. The Bordeaux colour is also so on trend.
Best for: The design diva  
How much: £99
More info:


Cole & Mason Granite Pestle and Mortar

Why: Any keen cook needs a pestle and mortar in their kitchen and this handsome fella will look good on any shelf. The polished exterior is also easy to clean, which is always a plus.
Best for: The foodie  
How much: £32.95
More info:


Danish Liqueur Glasses

Why: This set of mouth-blown cognac tumblers are created with a curved bell to let the aroma of the drink diffuse, meaning your client won’t have to do any swirling – the glasses will do that themselves.
Best for: The cognac connoisseurs
How much: £40
More info:


Chilly’s Gold 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Why: Help your client stay cool, calm and collected with this luxury stainless steel water bottle that features a leak-proof double-wall construction keeping liquids both hot or cold for ages.
Best for: Hydration- and environment-conscious cool cats
How much: £25
More info:


Gucci Star Eye Mug

Why: As one of the most popular fashion houses at the moment, anyone that receives anything Gucci is not likely to complain (or even worse, re-gift). This quirky mug will look great in an office kitchen and even comes with a lid. How practical.
Best for: The boujee client
How much: £225
More info:


Food and drink

Keep things nice and simple, because you can never go wrong with booze or edibles

Taylor's Reserve Tawny Port

Why: A limited edition pressie always goes down a treat as a Christmas gift, and you don’t get more festive than a bottle of port. This bottle from Taylor’s is based on a historic design and is filled with a rich blend that has been aged in seasoned oak Port pipes for a beautifully complex finish. With notes of red fruits and butterscotch, this is sure to keep your client feeling cosy, whatever the weather.
Best for: The drinks connoisseur
How much: £39.95
More info:

Pinkster Gin

Why: This stylish bottle of Pinkster’s original pink gin is made with real raspberries and is best served with tonic, a raspberry and a sprig of well-bashed fresh mint.
Best for: The pink gin genius  
How much: £35
More info:


Laurent-Perrier Rosé NV Champagne Magnum

Why: This classic pink Champagne is made with strawberry and is bursting with vivacity, yet is easy to drink. Receiving this will make your client feel extra special
Best for: A lover of quality
How much: £150
More info:


Harrods Decadent Christmas Pudding

Why: You can’t get more traditional than a Christmas pudding, and receiving one from Harrods really is the icing on the cake (or Christmas pudding). It comes beautifully packaged too so you don’t have to waste time wrapping.
Best for: The Christmas traditionalist
How much: £14
More info:


Biscuiteers Happy Christmas Biscuit Tin

Why: The it biscuits of the moment, surprise a client with these beautifully iced and delicious biscuits. We think they are too pretty to eat straight away and need to be admired first, but we don’t suggest leaving them lying around in the office too long either.
Best for: The sweet toothed one    
How much: £35
More info:


Planning on only sending boozy gifts this year? We've put together a list of all the best alcoholic gifts to give clients this festive season.

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