5 of the best office Secret Santa presents for 2018

5 of the best office Secret Santa presents for 2018

Updated on 06 December 2018

5 of the best office Secret Santa presents for 2018

Getting your secret Santa present right is a bit of a tricky one. You need to get something that reflects your chosen person’s personality for a start.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In fact, we’ve got you more than covered. This list of appropriately priced, carefully thought out beauties will ensure that you raise a smile in your new work-best-friend and that your purse isn’t hit too hard in the process.
To make things really easy for you, we’ve also compartmentalised our frankly beautiful choice of gifts into whom they’re appropriate for. So, from foodies to travellers, cyclists to music lovers, we’ve got you covered.

1. The foodie

Secret Santa presents for 2018 snaffling pig

Perfectly Salted Pork Crackling Gifting Jar, £15, snafflingpig.co.uk

For carnivorous foodies there’s little better than some top-quality crackling. These gift jars are high-quality plastic (smash proof!), filled to the brim with 275g of the good stuff.

‘Salted’ may not seem like the most flamboyant of flavours, but that’s precisely the point – anything too exotic and you run the risk of alienating your target. Not everyone loves cheese & onion flavoured crisps, right?

While these little beauties aren’t gluten free, it might be best to surreptitiously check that your colleague isn’t planning on going the whole hog for Veganuary.


2. The traveller

Secret Santa presents for 2018 scratch map

Scratch Map Original, £18.95, luckies.co.uk

So, in case this isn’t entirely obvious, let us explain exactly what this product is all about. It’s a map, yes, but the owner, your colleague, is able to scratch away the foil on the countries they’ve been to – right up until they’ve been everywhere.

This one works for your never-moved-on-from-their-gap-year wanderlusters a treat – and for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there’s the rather basic satisfaction you get from having a scratch. Feels like you’ve won something!

And, in a way, you have. Because the other, possibly more important, benefit this little beauty provides is that your fellow festive office worker can put it up near their desk and exercise some seriously smug boasting by showing off where they’ve been.

The lasting power of this present requires little explanation...


3. The cyclist

Secret Santa presents for 2018 Scott and Lawson bike multi tool

Scott & Lawson Bike Multi Tool, £8.99, maiagifts.co.uk

Does your workmate turn up to work every morning with a bit sweat on? Maybe a red mark on their forehead (where a helmet has been)? If so, it’s pretty safe to assume that they’re a keen cyclist and get in to the office on two wheels.

This means they’ll love you for buying this rather smart-looking, bike-shaped cycling tool. Especially when they have a bike malfunction on the way to work and are able to sort it out with your pretty secret Santa present.

Besides all the usual handy bits of kit – Allen keys, wrenches and screwdrivers – the whole thing doubles up as a key ring, so it’s easy to carry around. And it even has a bottle opener for when the evening cycle is done.


4. The music lover

Secret Santa presents for 2018 rockettstgeorge come together card game

Come Together – The Rock Bands Game, £14.99, rockettstgeorge.co.uk

So you’ve managed to pick the person in the office with the really long hair, who’s always got their headphones on, eh? Maybe you’ve heard them talk about so-and-so’s latest album in the kitchen? The Amazon Prime parcels they receive once a week look suspiciously vinyl shaped, right?

In that case, we’d venture to say that this is the perfect gift for just that kind of secret Santa recipient. Do they know all four Beatles? Who was the drummer from The Who? The Come Together card game will test even the nerdiest muso’s music knowledge to the max.

You play by collecting illustrated cards of rock icons, arranging them in their respective groups. There’s an accompanying booklet that explains the fascinating story behind each band too. Get them this prezzie for your Secret Santa and they’re bound to say, “Thank you for the music.”


5. Fitness fanatic

Secret Santa presents for 2018 bando work it out water bottle

Work it out water bottle – after this we’re getting pizza, £18.99, uk.bando.com

She’s got her Lulu Lemon leggings out on the desk at 5.25pm three times a week, right? That’s because she’s off to a double spinning class, following by a gong bath and a catch-up kombucha with her gym gals.

She’s going to want to stay hydrated through all that exercise, so this light-hearted water bottle will be a welcome secret Santa surprise. Apparently it ‘holds a generous pour’ – 709ml – for your favourite beverage.

If they’re not all that into the whole gym thing, they can always fill it with mulled wine and take it on a country ramble instead. That’d be our choice…


Secret Santa gift checklist

1. What’s the agreed budget?
2. Does your choice of present align with your colleague’s personality?
3. And their interests?
4. Does this present look and feel cheap? (If so, choose something else!)
5. If you don’t know your colleague at all, will your work BFF change her person with yours?
So, with your secret Santa gift sorted for your colleague, you might want to think about what corporate gift you’re going to get for your clients? Right this way


Lead photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash