The average cost of attending a wedding set to increase by 18% in 2023

Guests are expected to shell out over £1,000 to celebrate newlyweds this year.

Updated on 24 May 2023 • Written By Ellie Donnell

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The average cost of attending a wedding set to increase by 18% in 2023

Got a wedding this summer? You might want to start saving now. The average wedding guest is set to spend more than £1,000 this year, according to a new survey carried out by American Express.

The hike in cost to a whopping £1,045 per attendee marks an 18% increase on last year, up from £883 on average in 2022. That’s half of what an average Brit earns in a month.


So, where’s all that cash being spent? Apparently, the largest expense for wedding guests is set to be gifts, with the survey suggesting that £217.90 is the average figure to be spent on happy couples. This includes money, couples’ experiences and kitchen appliances, which were cited as the most popular presents to give to newlyweds.

Another major outgoing is accommodation, which is set to cost on average £203.90 per guest – a 32% increase compared to 2022. While childcare costs, travel and outfits and accessories will all see an increase in price.

More people will be attending weddings in 2023, too. The data revealed that the average number of guests per wedding is expected to rise to 74 people, up from 66 guests in 2022. Many won’t be tying the knot on home soil either, with lots of couples heading abroad to get hitched. Spain and Ireland are amongst the most popular wedding destinations this year.

Find a full breakdown of what people are expected to spend on a wedding in 2023 below:

1. Gifts - £217.90
2. Accommodation - £203.90
3. Childcare - £202.70
4. Travel - £196.20
5. Outfits and accessories - £160.39

The survey asked 2,000 people across the UK to tot up their wedding guest costs, including childcare and accommodation. A similar survey of 2,000 people was carried out previously in April 2022.

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