The most popular wedding dates for 2024 revealed

Two bank holiday weekends in 2024 are set to host the highest number of weddings.

Updated on 23 April 2024 • Written By Naomi Grant

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The most popular wedding dates for 2024 revealed

Looking to get hitched this year? A recent study has revealed the most popular wedding dates in 2024.

The research, conducted by, showed that two bank holiday weekends are set to host the largest number of recorded weddings this year. These are Saturday 25 May and Saturday 24 August, which allow couples to take advantage of the three-day weekend. The results are based on a survey of 2,300 UK adults who are set to get married in 2024.


In addition to these dates, the months of July, August and September were also incredibly popular. Saturday 25 July, Friday 2 August and Saturday 14 September were also shown to be amongst the most popular wedding dates in 2024. 

Interestingly, despite Saturday being the most common day to top the list, Friday is the most popular day overall for couples to get married, accounting for 23% of all weddings throughout the year.

Patrick Gore, Managing Director of Hampers, commented on the finding: 'Fridays can be a little cheaper; however, this didn’t seem to be enough to tempt a lot of the weekend brides and grooms to book a weekday wedding.

'Many people would struggle to attend a weekday wedding, Friday or otherwise, due to work commitments or issues securing annual leave, but clearly, this isn’t stopping couples from ploughing ahead and hoping for the best.'

Indeed, choosing your wedding date is a personal decision, with numerous factors influencing people's choice. Respondents were quizzed on what factors mattered the most to them, with weather, cost, ‘availability of friends and family’ and choosing a significant date coming out top. Most said that they would not have given up a weekend wedding to cut costs, due to ‘concerns that important people wouldn’t be able to make it’. 

So there you have it - the guest list officially comes before cost! Touching, really. 

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