Luxury jeweller Austen & Blake is recuiting a paid wedding ring tester

One lucky applicant will get paid £100 a week for 14 weeks to test diamonds, emeralds and more...

Updated on 22 July 2022 • Written By Megan Geall

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Luxury jeweller Austen & Blake is recuiting a paid wedding ring tester

Thanks to Austen & Blake, you no longer need an actual engagement to get your hands on a diamond ring; the luxury jeweller is on the hunt for someone to test wedding rings, and even better, it’s offering £1400 for the trouble. The lucky wearer will need to trial a new ring every week for 14 weeks. That’s a pretty glamorous and easy way to earn £100 a week.


With wedding season in full swing, our social media is filled with glowing diamonds and glittering emeralds - if you like the idea of putting a ring on it without the commitment, there’s nothing stopping you from applying for this new role. Austen & Blake are accepting applications from midnight on Saturday 25 June until 11:59pm on Sunday 24 July, so you’d better get your application in fast. 

The lucky applicant will test some of the brand's most beautiful white, yellow and black diamonds, as well as emeralds, sapphires and rubies in a range of cuts and settings. Loaned a new ring every week for 14 weeks, the candidate will have to report back on how they wear and function in everyday life.

‘As a luxury jeweller, we want to ensure that all of our engagement rings offer both beauty and practicality,’ explains diamond expert, Anthony French. ‘By bringing in our very own diamond ring tester, we hope we can get answers to some pretty important questions.’

These questions include how the ring functions when doing different tasks like getting dressed and washing up, to how sparkly the ring is and whether people comment on its appearance. 

French says that the ring tester will help the company, ‘continue to make the most beautiful pieces that fit into your life seamlessly.’

Getting paid £1400 to wear jewellery certainly sounds like a dream come true, but don’t worry - those who are unsuccessful will still receive a 10% discount code to spend at the store, so not all is lost.

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