18 fun and unique ways to entertain your wedding guests

Your guests won't be bored with these quirky ideas

Updated on 20 January 2021

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18 fun and unique ways to entertain your wedding guests

In amongst the craziness of wedding planning, it’s all too easy to forget what your guests will be doing while you're off having your wedding photos taken or doing the rounds talking to everyone.


On the big day, your head is likely to be spinning at 100mph, with all the emotions and excitement, which means that keeping the wedding party entertained throughout the day may slip down your list of priorities. If you plan ahead though, there are simple and fun ways to keep your guests entertained and stop anyone from throwing a strop.

Your wedding day is, of course, all about celebrating you and your partner, but your guests are there to be a part of this special day too, so it’s important to keep them happy. There are bound to be moments throughout the day, such as moving between venues, or that awkward wait before dinner, when you or your partner aren’t around to keep the guests from getting bored. That’s where this list of fun and unique wedding guest activities will come in handy, so you can have a stock of games or a few tricks up your sleeve to pull out whenever there is a lull in the small talk.

When it’s finally time for your wedding after months of planning, you don’t want to have to worry about anything other than soaking it all in, and trying to not let the day go by too quickly. That’s why we’ve put together the below list of ways to keep your guests entertained, so that doesn’t even need to be a consideration on the day. Not only are these ideas guaranteed to make your wedding more memorable, but many of them are also great ways of breaking the ice between guests who may not know each other. Now what could be better than that?

Games & Rides

No matter how old your guests are, games are a guaranteed way of getting everyone chatting and injecting a bit of fun into proceedings. Whether you're having an indoor wedding and are looking for table games, or have lots of outdoor space at your disposal and want to make sure it's used to best effect, these are sure to get people smiling. 

Giant Tumble Tower

What: Instantly bring out the child in everyone at your wedding with this giant tumble tower, which is bound to bring a bit of nostalgia to proceedings. This is a great one to have outside for a game pre- or post- dinner. You can be sure that this will also go down a treat with any younger guests in attendance.
How Much: £55
Buy the giant tumble tower at Not on the High Street

Prosecco Pong

What: There's so much formality at weddings and we love that. However, sometimes when the gentle sipping of Champagne is over and it's getting a little later in the evening, people start to want to let loose a little. This is where Prosecco pong comes into play. In no time it will have your guests getting competitive with people they haven't met before, and downing glasses of fizz - what better way to bond!
How Much: £14.35
Buy Prosecco pong at Etsy

Wedding Trivia and Table Games Set

What: That moment when your guests are sat down at their tables waiting for the food to arrive can be a little awkward when no one knows each other. These little trivia games are a fantastic way to break the ice and will be sure to spark some hilarious conversations.
How Much: £14.35
Buy the wedding trivia and table games set at Not on the High Street

Casino Table

What: If it's a bit of after dinner glitz you're looking for at your wedding, why not hire a casino table so that your guests can have some fun Vegas-style. You don't need to worry about money changing hands as there are plenty of cashless casino options, with everything from roulette wheels to poker tables available.
Hire a casino table at Ace Party


What: This isn't one for all budgets, but if you're really wanting to inject some magic into your wedding, hiring a carousel or any fairground ride is always going to be a winner. There's just something particularly special about seeing people of all ages, dressed up in their smartest attire, riding around on fake horses until late in the evening.
Hire a carousel at Chippa

Bouncy Castle

What: A great option for those who perhaps can't afford to hire a carousel but still want a bit of child-friendly fun at their weddings. Don’t underestimate the power of a bouncy castle! During the day, this can be the perfect way to keep kids entertained, but once the adults have warmed up (read: had a couple of glasses of Champagne), they’ll be ready to let their inner child out. Just remind the ladies to take their stilettos off…
Hire a bouncy castle at The White Bouncy Castle

Live Entertainment

As your wedding day goes on, it's important to keep things fresh and exciting, and a great way of doing this is by putting on some live entertainment for your guests. There are so many different types of entertainment to choose from, but these are some of our favourites.


What: Magicians are always an absolute hit at weddings, particularly when they go around table to table performing tricks, as they can also act as a real conversation starter. Magicians can be hired at all different price ranges too depending on whether you want simple card tricks or something a bit more spectacular.
Hire a magician at Entertainment Nation

Live Band

What: The music is such a key part of the entertainment at a wedding, and as much as a decent playlist can do the job, there's something a bit more special about having live music; I mean imagine doing your first dance with a live accompaniment. There are all sorts of different types musicians that you can hire for your wedding too depending on the vibe. Maybe you fancy an old-school big band, or perhaps something heavier which'll have all your guests rocking out.
Hire a live band at Entertainment Nation


What: If a live band isn't quite your thing, hiring a DJ is well worth it for a wedding. Not only does it mean that you don't need to worry about a playlist or who's keeping an eye on the music, but it also gives guests the chance to make requests, giving them a chance to dance along to their favourite tunes.
Hire a DJ at Entertainment Nation

Circus Performer

What: To really wow your wedding guests, hiring a circus performer for late-night entertainment could be just the ticket. With everything from jugglers and sword swallowers to fire breathers and aerial performers available for hire, you can really give your guests something to remember.
Hire a circus performer at Warble Entertainment


What: Who doesn't love a big old firework display? Something about them just brings a real sense of occasion, which is exactly what you want at your wedding. They're also a fantastic way to end the reception and get everyone together one last time before people start heading back home. Depending on how big a display you're wanting you can either buy your own fireworks or hire a company to put it on for you.
Organise a firework display with Dynamic Fireworks


Photos are a big part of any wedding, but there are a number of ways that you can turn taking snaps into a form of entertainment in itself. Here are a few ideas which'll have everyone wanting to get behind and in front of the camera.

Photo Booth

What: The good old photo booth – its popularity never seems to cease, and with good reason. There's just something particularly fun about squeezing into a little booth with friends or even people you didn't know before the wedding, to take some silly photos. The added bonus of a photo booth is that most of them offer immediate print outs so your guests can leave with a little souvenir.
Hire a photo booth at Showtime Photo Booth

Disposable Cameras

What: Another simpler way of doing photos in an entertaining way at your wedding is to buy a bunch of disposable cameras and put one on each table. This not only allows guests to be in as many photos as they want, but also gives them a chance to get behind the camera.
How much: £77 for a pack of 10
Buy a pack of 10 disposable cameras at Etsy

Photo Props

What: Regardless of how you decide to do your photos, props are fantastic way to add a bit of extra fun to your pics. Scatter everything from fake moustaches to personalised signs around the tables and you'll be sure your guests will be smiling without needing to say cheese!
How much: £11.50
Buy wedding photo props at Not on the High Street

Food & Drink

One of the biggest decisions you'll make about your wedding is how to do the food and drink. There are plenty of fun and quirky options to choose from, but we've chosen a few which we think count as enetrtainment in themselves.

Cheese Fondue

What: DIY food never fails to go down well with guests at weddings and we think that the cheese fondue is the king of DIY food. All you need is one fondue set for each table and plenty of different bits for dipping, and everyone at your wedding will be dunking until their heart's content. 
How much: £49
Buy a cast iron fondue set at John Lewis

DIY Cocktail Bar

What: In the same vein as a fondue, a DIY cocktail bar is another fantastic way to keep everyone entertained, as well as making sure their glasses stay full. Stock up on a range of spirits, provide plenty of different mixers and garnishes, and maybe chuck in a cocktail shaker or two for good measure, and your guests will fancy themselves as mixologists in no time.

Chocolate Fountain

What: No one ever tires of a chocolate fountain. They’ve been around for a while now but they still just have a certain wow factor to them and work brilliantly as the centrepiece of a dessert table. Depending on your budget you can either buy a chocolate fountain so you have one forever, or hire a huge one from the many companies that offer them.
How much: £34.99
Buy an electric chocolate fountain at Lakeland

Candy Buffet

What: If there's one way to get people at your wedding as excited as kids in a sweet shop, it's by, well, creating the feeling of a sweet shop! A candy buffet not only looks incredibly enticing but also means that guests can just pop off and grab a sweet or five whenever they're feeling peckish. This candy buffet kit comes with everything you need to create that sweet shop effect; all you need to do is stuff the jars full of all your favourite childhood candy.
How much: £27.99
Buy the candy buffet kit at Etsy

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