Each week, we pick one of our favourite venues and explain why it’s made the cut

Words Lizzie Frainier 

Westminster Abbey - Web image

There aren’t many venues that have been hosting events for over 1,000 years, but central London’s Westminster Abbey definitely ticks that box. It has hosted everything from coronations to royal weddings, and today it’s an impressive option for bookers of all kinds.  

Westminster Abbey - cheyneygates boardroom

What’s so good about it?

Each of the spaces has its own story to tell, and provides an atmospheric backdrop for receptions and dinners. The Chapter House is where Parliament used to meet in the 14th century. Now it’s best in summer when it can be combined with the East Cloister for outdoor drinks beforehand, but it works well in winter too. Medieval tiled floors, wall paintings and stained-glass windows look lovely lit up on darker evenings. Other options include the medieval Cellarium (originally used by monks to store their food and drink) and the Cheyneygates (once leased to Queen consort Elizabeth Woodville).  

Westminster Abbey - event

Why do bookers love it?
Event attendees are bound to get excited by the iconic name on the invite, boosting RSVPs. The venue can also host exclusive evening tours to add a bit of history to your function.  

For a full list of capacities at Westminster Abbey and to get your event booked in, head here.