Merlin Events has launched an interactive party night themed on the seven deadly sins at the London Dungeon.

Merlin events london dungeon

Event organisers can book in for an individual guided tour for groups of 40 guests from £59pp on 16 and 30 June and 13, 14 and 15 December. Alternatively, select your own date to take over the entire experience for 240 guests. 

This option works well for a non-festive twist on the Christmas party or makes a safe indoors option for weather-fearing summer party organisers.

Merlin events london dungeon

Groups will begin on Fleet Street where they’ll check out Mrs Lovett’s pie shop, before heading to the courtroom to see if they’re destined for the stocks. Performances of the seven sins are plenty entertaining and each come with a foodie pit stop.
Hearty sausages piled on mustard mash, swimming in gravy scream Gluttony, while spicy Jerk chicken skewers is the fiery option for Wrath.

Merlin events london dungeon
More shared dates for group booking of 40 will be announced throughout the summer.

To book, get in touch with one of the team here.