Hire ICEBAR London’s chilled main space exclusively, together with one of the venue’s toasty private rooms, on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in November or December and your drinks will be ‘bottomless’.

Squaremeal Venues and Events Emeal newsletter 19 January 2017 - icebar london

The standard package usually includes 60 spirits-based cocktails but, with this special promotion, guests will be able to try as many as they like. How’s that for a bit of festive cheer?

Ice bar london

As its name suggests, the bar itself is made of pure ice, making it a suitably wintery venue for Christmas parties. Groups of up to 60 can don the parkas provided and sip cocktails out of ice glasses for 40 minutes, before retreating to a warm reception space. 

T+Cs apply – contact the events team for more information.