From the same group that gave us the sold-out Murdér Express (an immersive dining experience set on a 1920’s luxury train) Funicular brings you a Journey To The Underworld. Are you ready to go on a quest for absolution, redemption and eternal love that might end up in the mythical abode of the dead? Let’s hope it’s not a one-way ticket…   

Sat aboard a luxury train departing from the fictional Pedley Street Station in Bethnal Green, groups travel alongside Claude, the shackled conductor, and his lowly assistant Gordy. You might have to try to outwit the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger and the damnable Dark One too. 

Pedley Street Funicular Production Journey to the Underworld

All this while making your way through a three-course menu curated by 2017 MasterChef: The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis. Renowned for her intense and creative flavours, the menu will undoubtedly be exciting. 

Funicular co-founder Craig Wilkinson (entrepreneur, actor and scriptwriter) and production director Ed Borgnis claim it will be the ‘greatest love story never told, where fear, fantasy, danger and lust intertwine in this dark and romantic fairytale’.

Pedley Street Funicular Production Journey to the Underworld

This is a great way to treat clients who are tired of being wined and dined in an ‘ordinary’ restaurant. It’s also an excellent excuse to take the staff out for an evening to make them feel appreciated. Exclusive hire is available for up to 48 people. 

The train will be ‘departing’ twice daily between 28 September and 7 November with tickets starting at £53pp.

Read our review of Murdér Express for an idea of what you can expect. 

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