Tired of the same, old, boring teambuilding activities your office has been doing for years? Well, how about a torture house so horrendous you have to sign a waiver to enter for a change? 

House of Horror is a new 4D immersive experience that aims to recreate some of the scariest moments in horror film history. Expect exorcisms, severed limbs and blood as you make your way through 12 rooms of sheer torture – each featuring its own physical or psychological challenge. 

House of Horror teambuilding

There’ll be a full cast of highly-trained actors to lead you through the abandoned house in Brentwood, Essex. Get ready to literally face your demons (and your deepest fears) in areas such as Sci-Fi-Die, Krow Killers and Medical Madness. If you’re brave enough, you can choose to have a crack at the mysterious and intense Room 13, which requires you to sign a waiver before entering. 

Sounds like your cup of tea? Sign up in groups of 10 or less with early-bird tickets starting at £25pp (standard ticket is £35). A group ticket for 10 is £300 and includes food and drink packages as well as merchandise – that is if you can actually eat/hold down your food while visiting. Street food vendors and refreshments will be on site, though, if you need to restore your blood sugar...    

House of Horror teambuilding

You can receive a video of your experience afterwards (filmed on a GoPro) and there’ll be themed photo boots complete with gory props for you to perpetuate the moment. If you’re more than one group, you can see how the others are getting on by watching the live-streaming Fright Vision.  

So if exorcising a demon while you witness a possessed girl’s head twist 360o sounds like your idea of a fun day out with your colleagues, you can get your tickets here. The house opens on Friday 28 September. 

House of Horror teambuilding

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