Best picturesque pubs in London

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London is full to the brim with great pubs but some are considered more appealing to the eye than others. Check out Square Meal’s superb list of the best picturesque pubs in London and feast your eyes on some truly fantastic watering holes. Offering beautiful original features, often a quirky charm of their own as well as a story or two to tell throughout their history, the London pubs featured in this list are all rather special to the city.

Serving the finest ale and offering a welcoming charm, the pubs featured in this Square Meal guide to the best picturesque pubs in London have all been carefully chosen for their appealing qualities. Of course London has many more great pubs to offer so if you can’t find what you want here check out Square Meal’s list of great London pubs in Covent Garden; the City; Mayfair; Soho and Westminster.

Every one of the top picturesque pubs in London featured in Square Meal’s list of London’s best picturesque pubs have been tried and tested by critics and our own customers so check out the reviews with Square Meal today. Each Square Meal listing features an independent review, as well as reviews from those who have visited, together with unique special offers such as free drinks and discounts.