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SquareMeal Review of Sexy Fish

Gold Award

With a waterfall behind the bar and a giant gold-plated crocodile hanging on the wall, it’s hard not to get caught up in the glamour of Sexy Fish – a lavish pan-Asian brasserie with real “wow factor”. Eager staff in multi-coloured waistcoats attend to diners’ every need, delivering thrillingly fashionable food at heavyweight prices to an equally fashionable crowd peppered with celeb faces. Wagyu ganku rolls come topped with white miso and black truffle, while scallops are pepped up with jalapeño sauce and pickled green apple, although the biggest hits are elsewhere – witness tender, honey-glazed duck breast sharpened with kimchi and pickled daikon or sticky pull-apart pork ribs from the robata grill dressed with green onions and chilli. Desserts are not to be missed either – the fluffy, sweet vanilla cheesecake embellished with a strawberry and golden lime sorbet is among the best we’ve tried in London. With its attention-grabbing interiors and moneyed clientele, wonderfully showy Sexy Fish won’t suit wallflowers, but everyone else has a ball.  

Good to know about Sexy Fish

Average Price
££££ - £50 - £79
Big and bold, Buzzy, Fun, Glamorous
Food Occasions
Celebrities, Group dining [8+], Special occasions

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Sexy Fish
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Sexy Fish
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Special offers from Sexy Fish

Express Lunch: 4 dishes & dessert £36

From: 28 January, 2019
To: 15 August, 2019
Max: 6
From a set menu.
Availability: Daily 12:00PM-4:45PM

Location for Sexy Fish

Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6BR

020 3764 2000


Opening Times of Sexy Fish

All day
Mon: 12:00-23:00
Tue: 12:00-23:00
Wed: 12:00-23:00
Thu: 12:00-23:00
Fri: 12:00-23:00
Sat: 12:00-23:00
Sun: 12:00-22:30

Reviews of Sexy Fish

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6 Reviews 


Review for 30th October
31 October 2017   
Meal was excellent and service was brilliant
Food & Drink


Fantastic Dinner!
02 August 2017   
Our dinner at Sexy Fish was up there with my favourites! The restaurant is great and fun, the attentiveness of the staff is just how you'd like it too! Our waiters were so kind and helpful and even helped greatly with our wine choice by being respectful to our budget and bringing over some tasters before we made our choice. The meals were delicious- every single one! For dessert, we asked the waiter to order his favourites for us- I was a bit worried at first as one of the dishes would have been my last choice but it was one of the best desserts I've had in my life! The waiter got a high five at the end of our meal and we cant wait to go back with a larger group!
Food & Drink

Mr. Alex G

Fish, yes. Sexy, not especially.
20 July 2016   
Six months on from opening and some – but not all – of the hype about Sexy Fish has died down. We all know now about the £15m allegedly spent on furnishing the place and almost everybody who wants to be somebody has probably been and tweeted about the experience already. More than anything else, I had been put off by the absurdity of the name – since when were fish specifically sexy? Surely food is for kitchens and restaurants while sex is for bedrooms? Indeed, when I dine out, the adjective I generally seek to apply to my meal would not be sexy, perhaps tasty instead. The two are not the same, and when you add in hype and pretentious people, the end-product is generally rather unsexy. Against my better judgement, however, I undertook a recent visit to Sexy Fish. It left me feeling not only broadly indifferent, but also very glad that someone else had paid. The tone was probably set at the door; greeted by an affected young man dressed in what I presume was a very trendy outfit. No less than three women in tight dresses then welcomed me at the reception desk before one escorted me to my table. Arriving before my guest, I was able to take in the scene. It’s certainly impressive what money can buy and it is hard to conceive that this building formerly housed a branch of the Natwest. Despite the lavishness and the expense, the ceiling did feel remarkably low, therefore creating a slight sense of claustrophobia. Other reviewers have previously noted light levels (not enough) and music volume (too much), both points on which I would concur. The food set-up here is almost yawningly predictable – take Zuma and Roka and add in maybe a couple of twists and there you pretty much have it. Pricing is also similar, although a fillet of prime beef could set you back £85 at Sexy Fish, while 50g of caviar would burn an even bigger hole in your pocket. More mundane offerings such as ‘house salad’ also bordered on the outrageous in terms of pricing; surely £9.50 for said item is a little steep? That said, we couldn’t fault our dishes, even if our well-meaning waiter with poor English language skills omitted one item from our order. The tuna tartare was melt-in-the-mouth tender and accompanying lotus chips a well-matched revelation. Similarly, the miso-glazed Chilean sea bass was executed skilfully and paired well with artichoke. We couldn’t help wondering though whether more effort had been put into the presentation perhaps at the expense of potentially even better preparation. For many dining here (and indeed the two Russian girls at the next table), getting a good picture on Instagram seems to matter more than actually eating the dish, especially if you have a waif-like figure to preserve. In terms of the drinks, Sexy Fish does have one of the better wine lists I have seen recently, with a range of both brands and boutiques, pitched across a wide price spectrum. We thoroughly enjoyed our Grosset Polish Hill Riesling from Australia. I did not see the bill, but based on my comrade’s selection, the costs must have racked up. For this amount of money, I would rather have dined at nearby C-London or Petite Maison or maybe even Roka at a push. You can find an in-crowd here and a not dissimilarly priced bill. If I had not gone to Sexy Fish, my life would not be markedly different.
Food & Drink


Better than I expected
23 June 2016   
Before dining at Sexy Fish, I was not expecting a great deal. The reviews I had heard and read were so underwhelming with people complaining of substandard food and unfriendly staff, that I arrived with lowered expectations; despite this being an offering from the exceptional Caprice Holdings. My sister and I came here for lunch on a Tuesday; so not one of their busy days, but I didn't see any empty seats. It remains a hot spot. The atmosphere I felt to be quite upbeat but relaxed. The staff greeted us warmly as they welcomed us to the restaurant and took us to our lovely large table. Just for the two of us. We ordered a bottle of wine, water, and 5 sharing dishes. 1) California maki 2) Salmon & avocado maki 3) King crab salad with udon noodles 4) Salt & pepper squid 5) Miso glazed chilean Sea Bass I've eaten better maki, but it wasn't bad and we ate the lot. The king crab salad was so delicious; very fresh. The salt and pepper squid was great of course, as was the miso glazed sea bass. The fish was succulent and whilst the skin packed a punch with flavour, the flavour from the flesh was far more subtle. I really enjoyed it. We also had dessert which was to die for. Four chocolate & praline fondant - incredible. I would diner here again just for this dessert. Inspired idea to have beautiful praline flowing out of the centre of this delectable chocolate delight. Not a cheap lunch, but if you're going to eat at such an establishment, then it's to be expected. I intend to return for dinner in the near future; perhaps later in the week to compare the experience.
Food & Drink

Ms/Mrs. Joanna G

Style over substance??
14 June 2016   
We had dinner here last week and having been really looking forward to the meal, we left feeling rather dissatisfied. We ordered the following to share : crispy duck and watermelon salad (delicious, and good sized portion), Sashimi yellowtail with avocado and jalapeno (average, but really lacking in zing!), beef and foie gras gyoza (utterly tasteless, no seasoning at all, I have had way better in Wagamama!), Prawn tempura with dashi broth (again, totally tasteless "broth" and let’s face it, prawn tempura need a delicious sauce accompaniment as they don't taste of much on their own) and sticky pork ribs (very good), we had a bottle of wine too. Service was efficient, the bar was packed to the rafters with the beautiful people of Mayfair. Overall, the restaurant accoustics are not ideal for having a one to one conversation and the music was a too loud, I had to shout to be heard by my husband and the waiter, I was quite relieved to leave and go to the Running Footman over the road for a quiet nightcap. Next time I want to eat “sexy fish”, I will head back to my favourites, La Petite Maison, Roka and Kurobuta.
Food & Drink

Ms/Mrs. Amy M

It killed the sexy mood
02 June 2016   
Naturally one has high expectations of any restaurant that comes out of the Caprice stable and the jungle drums had beaten very loudly about the fabulousness of this particular establishment. So off we went for a Saturday lunch. The restaurant itself is stunning, with beautiful marble everywhere and glamorous art and objet d'art scattered about. THe menu is surprising for the group being a pan-asian affair in the style of Roka or Zuma, with sharing plates and a rich variety to choose from. We choose 5 small plates and everyone of them was delicious. The seared salmon was almost sashimi with a wonderful ponzu dressing and the crispy duck salad had the right balance of sweet and savoury. Halfway through our lunch a Will.I.Am lookalikey/ soundalikey started a set at an acceptable volume, however, apparently this is stepped up on weekend nights and with little to absorb noise in the room, I would think that this would become intrusive for dinner, with guests ending up yelling at each other. Probably a good way to kill the romance. Speaking of which! Sexy Fish is touted as one of the hottest restaurants in the capital with people desperate for a table in this ever so a la mode joint. So WHY WHY WHY do they let BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in??????? I realise that as a middle-aged childless woman I may seem like the witch from Hansel & Gretel, however, I am paying £70 in a grown up and stylish environment. Halfway through our meal a babe in arms literally started screaming its head off and totally destroyed the illusion. I don't go to Toys R Us armed with champagne and chemical enthusiasm, so why should I put up with it in a place like this. So back to the bill. 5 small plates, 1 martini, a mocktail and a glass of wine came to £115, so you will need deep pockets. If you are up for feeling like a temporary extra on Made in Chelsea, you are going to love this place, I liked it, but I can't say that I would spend this money here again over Scott's or indeed Zuma.
Food & Drink

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