Foodies with a taste for taste: discover more of what you love

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Updated on 15 September 2020

Foodies with a taste for taste: discover more of what you love

Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupé

A curious appetite is the key to uncovering more of what you love in the culinary world and beyond. True luxury is being able to hit the road when the mood takes you, letting your intuition guide you to new things to love and taste. The Porsche Grand Turismo Sport range (AKA, the GTS), serves this in abundance, providing more design, more performance and more comfort. From the 718 to the Panamera, Macan or Cayenne, a GTS model catches the eye whether it’s on the road or parked outside a restaurant – compelling you to look closer. The same goes for food, especially when travelling between cities is restricted, there’s no better time to explore what’s already within reach. 

Whether you live high among picturesque mountains, or in a postcard village by the sea, driving the same commute everyday can get a little old. Mealtimes are no different, we can find ourselves happily eating the same delicious food every night, but some small part of our appetite may crave a bit more. 

When the call to adventure sounds deep down in our gut, accompanied by the early onset of peckishness, we know it’s an opportunity to raise our culinary game.  

Porsche Macan GTS

Rather than a road trip to the Peruvian seaside town where lime was first squeezed over a slice of ceviche, and Hemmingway wrote is maritime classic, a short diversion and a few extra miles are often all it takes to find something special and discover that the treasure was right under our nose all along.  

In fact, a good nose and some taste-buds are all you need to throw caution to the wind and begin your adventure. Trust your senses, follow them, take a drive a little outside your comfort zone and then next time go a little bit further.  

What is it that drives us in life, if it is not our appetite? It makes us want to be more and experience better – ultimately leading us to taste the finer things in life. Though be warned: there’s no going back.

Those with a taste for taste tend to explore all corners of the culinary table, and have found that with a pinch of imagination, eating-out could be a bit more ‘out of this world’.  

A tempting dish at Michelin-starred Noma in Copenhagen

The places we eat at, the cars we turn up in and even how we look when we show up are all part of the same voraciously passionate lifestyle. Play it down we may, but secretly these things do matter, and we can’t languish too long on our laurels. Like the greatest road touring adventures, once we start, new avenues open up, our tastes expand, and brand-new pathways are created in the brain’s sensory circuits. Just like the pure driving pleasure you experience with the Porsche GTS, culinary curiosity is something which likes to be quite literally fed and nurtured, and if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. Bon appétit.  

What is it that drives us in life, if it is not our appetite? It makes us want to be more and experience better – ultimately leading us to taste the finer things in life. Though be warned: there’s no going back.

Those special moments when our taste buds come into contact with something completely new but somehow familiar, are as magical as they are mysterious. But how does this happen? Perhaps our deep unconscious knows what we truly desire even before we’ve ordered it. However it happens, the devil is in the detail. Take the sharp yet buttery flavour of a nocellara olive that transports you to a sun-soaked terrace in Sicily, or the striking shade of Carmine Red on the GTS badge that’s echoed within the rev counter, head rests, and nestled behind the silky black Spyder wheels upon each brake caliper – our mind can retrieve these unforgettable sensations and memories in breath-taking form.  

Porsche Panamera GTS

For the adventurous, there’s something oh-so satisfying about discovering that which few others have tried. It’s what inspires chefs, restaurateurs and home-kitchen prodigies to go boldly where most cooks do not dare. It is a chase which tempts us to navigate lesser known country lanes and B-roads armed with closely guarded recommendations, tip-offs, and generally feeling a bit ravenous. So, here’s to the ineffable, the indescribable and not spoiling the perfect mouthful when it arrives.  

To whet your appetite, here’s a couple of tasters of what’s hot (and in some instances cold), in the world of progressive culinary exploration. What better excuse to hunt down sublime and socially distanced dining? 

London's OXO Tower is well known for having a dedicated vegan menu, alongside its à la carte

Meat replacements continue to become more widely available, and the quality continues to rise. With new materials to work with, the finest chefs in the world are now embracing this trend as a creative challenge. Chilled jun scoby carpaccio and jackfruit wellington are among the most delicious and ingenious animal-free snacks we’ve tasted, and plant-based recipes are positively blooming in vegan and non-vegan eateries alike. 

The art of fermentation is finding its way from village fetes to Michelin star eateries, with the executive chef of Noma crediting it as the keystone flavour profile behind his dishes. But don’t forget, food inspiration can be closer than you think, and by simply taking a left rather than a right you could arrive at something quite delicious. And what better to take you there than a Porsche GTS, the driver’s choice for those who won’t settle for less. 

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