Veggie Pret to open seven new London locations as demand for plant-based food grows

The sites will all open this summer

Updated on • Written By Maha Khan

Veggie Pret to open seven new London locations as demand for plant-based food grows

Popular UK-based sandwich chain Pret a Manger is tapping into demand for more plant-based options by opening seven new Veggie Pret shops in London this summer.

The new locations will bring the total of Veggie Pret branches to 14 in the UK, 13 of which will be based in the capital. The remaining site is based in Manchester’s Deansgate, which is the only vegetarian branch in the north of England.

In addition to the new branches, Pret has also launched its biggest menu overhaul in 33 years, and 19 of the new recipes will be exclusive to Veggie Pret. Pret a Manger bought out rival chain EAT in 2017 for £60m and had originally proposed to turn all 84 of the acquired sites into Veggie Pret shops, but has since scaled back plans. 

The chain currently has six Veggie Prets in Soho, Canary Wharf, and other locations in the centre of the city. By comparison, the standard Pret a Manger has 230 locations in London alone, with 530 branches in the entire UK, and several in the US, Hong Kong, France, Denmark, Dubai, Singapore, and the Netherlands. The new Veggie Pret branches will open in locations such as Westminster, Liverpool Street, and Bank, among others. 

Pret a Manger is one of the most successful sandwich businesses in the UK and is currently valued at around £1.5 billion. The company was bought out by German conglomerate JAB Holdings (owned by one of the richest families in the world) in 2018, in a bid to challenge Nestle’s stronghold on the coffee industry.

The chain was founded over 30 years ago and quickly became known for its upmarket approach to sandwiches with fillings such as crayfish and avocado. Its vegetarian and vegan lunch options have further helped the business grow, and keep up with the market.

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