Two minutes with Chantelle Nicholson


Updated on 23 October 2014

Two minutes with Chantelle Nicholson

Chantelle Nicholson and Marcus WareingWelcome to our new strand offering an insight into the people behind London’s restaurants. First up is Chantelle Nicholson, Marcus Wareing’s right-hand woman.

You’ve just opened Tredwell’s. How is it going?
Very busy and it’s still early days, but it’s going well.

How did you come to open this restaurant with Marcus Wareing?
I started working with Marcus as a pastry chef. When he made the move to break away from the Ramsay group in 2008 we realised that there were a lot of things management-wise which we needed to do for ourselves that we didn’t before, I stepped up to the mark and started the transition to GM of the restaurant at The Berkeley. This opportunity came about very organically.

Did the idea for Tredwell’s come from Marcus or yourself?
I came across the site when having dinner in Dishoom across the road. I looked into it and we decided to go for it. The menu has been a total collaboration between myself, Marcus and our head chef Andrew Ward.

How is Marcus to work with?
He’s very particular and very driven, but we get on extremely well. I think it really helps that I was a chef, it means that I can think like a chef.

How much freedom do you have to do things your own way?
I am lucky to have a lot of freedom. This is my baby, but Marcus is the backer. Of course, he has lots of input but he doesn’t dominate.

Tredwell’s feels like it could be rolled out. Is that the plan?
Absolutely not. But we would certainly be interested in developing other restaurants in the future if it felt right.

Finally, Tredwell’s received a very negative review in the Evening Standard. Do you think that's fair?
Well it’s an opinion, isn’t it. Of course it was disappointing, but we’ve had some lovely feedback from a lot of people.

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