Tiffany & Co to open a Blue Box Cafe in Harrods London

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s dream will soon be a reality

Updated on 17 January 2020 • Written By Emma Mitchell

Tiffany & Co to open a Blue Box Cafe in Harrods London

Tiffany & Co. have announced that they will be opening a new site for their Blue Box Café in Harrods next month.

London fans of the famous novel and film Breakfast at Tiffany’s will rejoice in the news that they can now live out heroine Holly Golightly’s dream of breakfasting at the famous jewellery store. The worldwide brand already has four highly successful outposts of their Blue Box Café concept in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, but the Harrods instalment will be the first of its kind in Europe.

The iconic scene in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn

When the first site opened in the States in November 2017 people queued around the block to get a table; if not to re-enact the scene in the 1961 film where Audrey Hepburn gazes longingly into the store’s windows, clutching a coffee and croissant, then to wallow in the café's picture perfect aesthetics. As the name suggests, the Blue Box Cafés are decked out in the jewellery brand’s trademark turquoise blue from the contemporary leather furnishings through to the hand-painted wallpaper, trademarked fine bone china and even the salt and pepper shakers. All the crockery and accessories will be available to purchase from the homeware section of Harrods for those wanting to recreate the Tiffany’s dining experience at home.  

According to Tiffany & Co., the café's menu will follow in the image of its sibling sites comprising "American classics made with the highest quality, regionally sourced ingredients". The New York inspired dishes will include the “Fifth Avenue Salad” featuring lobster, grapefruit and avocado, as well as smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, truffle eggs, buttermilk waffles and - naturally - avocado toast, all presented in a fancy fashion to justify the steep prices and make an eye-catching impression on your Instagram feed.

The café won’t just be serving breakfast however, so if mornings really aren’t your thing then fear not – you can book in for a light lunch, dinner or even a Tiffany’s inspired Afternoon Tea. Just don’t forget your pearls!

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