Reverend creates map to show how far your local church is from a Nando’s

Turns out the Bishop of Truro is the furthest away from cheeky chicken

Updated on 10 January 2020 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Reverend creates map to show how far your local church is from a Nando’s

A reverend has created a map which shows people how far away UK churches are from a branch of Nando’s.

28 year old Fergus Butler-Gallie, who acts as an assistant curator for the Diocese of Liverpool, initially shared the map on Twitter, which has since racked up more than 11,000 ‘likes’.

The colour-coded map details just how far the Diocesan Bishops of the Church of England would have to walk to enjoy a fix of their nearest Nando’s, with the Bishop of Cornish city Truro winning the unwanted title of longest pilgrimage – he’d have to walk for more than five hours to enjoy the likes of ½ chicken with piri piri fries and garlic bread.

Speaking to Metro about the map, Butler-Gallie said that the idea came to him while he was trying to write a sermon for a church service. “I was in the middle of writing a sermon, and I had reached a dead end” explained the clergymen “In the emptiness of my head stupid ideas float through, so I thought I would look it up.”

The reverend took just one hour to create the map, which has received love online from places as far afield as the USA and Australia (where Nando’s doesn’t even operate branches). Speaking about the online reaction, Butler-Gallie said: “Anything that allows people to abandon, even for a moment, the slog of their day is going to be appreciated. The world can be a very dark place. I used to be the class clown – all I was ever really good at was making people laugh; if I can bring that to ministry then that’s to be welcomed.”

If you fancy finding out how far your local church is from a branch of everyone’s favourite chicken restaurant, you can check out the map below:

Image: Fergus Butler-Gallie

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