Restaurants introduce takeaway meals and Deliveroo launches no-contact delivery to battle Covid-19

The hospitality industry continues to evolve and offer new options for cautious diners

Updated on 17 March 2020 • Written By Caroline Hendry

Restaurants introduce takeaway meals and Deliveroo launches no-contact delivery to battle Covid-19

In a bid to combat the financial impact of the Prime Minister’s latest advice to avoid pubs, clubs and restaurants, the ever-entrepreneurial hospitality industry are all pulling together to offer an increase in home delivery and takeaway services to customers.

This new wave of changes comes in a bid to claw back some custom and also to offer support and high-quality food to those looking to minimise social interaction and for those in self-isolation. The big delivery services are also offering increased deliveries and Deliveroo has today launched their ‘no-contact’ option to those who are in self-isolation.


Here are a few ways to enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your own home during the pandemic. 

Support small restaurants

It’s the independent restaurants that will really feel the strain so if you can choose to order your takeaway directly from the restaurant, all of your money will be going straight to them. So, if you are working from home and you’re feeling like an extra fancy lunch, or you and your family want to create the feeling of a fun ‘dinner out’ then consider ordering from your local restaurant.

Consider no-contact delivery

In reaction to demand from diners, Deliveroo has led the pack by offering a ‘no-contact delivery service’ in a bid to limit contact between rider and diner. Simply select the no contact delivery service when ordering and you will then be asked where you would like your rider to leave your food. Your order will then be delivered to your designated safe place and your rider will stand back at least one metre to ensure your delivery is received safely.

Get cooking with a meal delivery service

A meal-delivery service can be a great way to not only have your food delivered, but the cooking aspect will give you something creative to do too - whether you’re looking to ease your overall anxieties or simply ease some boredom from time at home. Explore our reviews of all the best recipe boxes - all tried and tested by our team.

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