Prue Leith reveals her favourite restaurant in London

The celebrity chef and TV presenter was chatting about her upcoming tour and spilled the beans on where she loves to eat in the capital

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Prue Leith reveals her favourite restaurant in London

Dame Prue Leith has revealed her favourite London restaurant in a recent interview.

The famous chef, who is renowned for her role as a Great British Bake Off judge on the popular TV series, has shared her top spot in the capital to head to for a special meal. ‘An absolutely wonderful restaurant I adore, and go as often as I can is called Bentley’s Oyster Bar just off Piccadilly', she told MyLondon in a recent interview.


The restaurant is owned by Irish chef Richard Corrigan and is one of London’s culinary institutions, serving up what Prue describes as ‘very straightforward’ food, saying the chefs avoid ‘messing around too much’ with their ingredients.

Speaking about her own restaurant Leith’s, which she opened in 1969, Prue went on to say that looking back at her career she’s glad food has moved on in style. ‘When I see the food I was serving 30 years ago, it is so lumpy and clumsy and ugly and looks horrible. I can’t believe it,’ she said.

‘It’s extraordinary how food has improved, especially the look of food. I’m very pleased that ‘posh’ food has gotten simpler. There was a horrible stage about ten years ago where chefs couldn’t resist putting everything on to their plates.

‘Smudges of this and dots of that, a powder of this, a cappuccino of that, and a lollipop of some Parmesan nonsense. It was just too many flavours, so I love what’s happening now.’

The interview formed part of a promotional piece for the chef’s tour, Nothing in Moderation, which is closing this week at the London Palladium. At the event ticket holders can expect a brief insight into the 82-year-old’s life with material spanning anecdotes as well as opinions on the restaurant trade, publishers, writing, and TV work. The final show is scheduled for the 6 April.

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