New technology allows diners to order takeaway via Amazon Alexa using just their voice

"Alexa, we'll have a Buffalo fried burger with dirty fries please"

Updated on 09 March 2020 • Written By Emma Mitchell

New technology allows diners to order takeaway via Amazon Alexa using just their voice

UK voice technology start-up Natta has launched a partnership with Brixton’s favourite fried chicken takeaway, Other Side Fried, to enable users to place a delivery order via the Amazon Alexa smart speaker for the first time without any limitations.


Just when you thought placing an order on Deliveroo was the laziest form of sorting your dinner plans, things just got even easier. Brixton residents put down your phone and rest those weary fingers because you can now order your fried chicken with just your voice alone. Thanks to a collaboration between Other Side Fried and new voice technology app Nata you can remain stretched out on the sofa, horizontal and eyes closed and still have an epic fast food feast delivered directly to your door.

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Nata has partnered with the popular fried chicken brand to bring them their very own voice food delivery app which permits users to place orders through any Amazon Alexa smart speaker device. While other companies such as Just Eat and Domino’s Pizza have already dabbled with Alexa orders, they only facilitate customers to place repeat orders which must have initially been made via the app.

By contrast, Other Side Fried consumers will be able to “enjoy the full takeaway experience on Alexa regardless of whether the customer has ordered from the restaurant before or knows the menu” says Natta founder Jon Sprank.

Users of the new app will simply need to ask Alexa to connect with Other Side Fried and list the items they wish to order. Those unfamiliar with the options can also ask Alexa to send them the menu so they can have a browse before requesting their selection. And if you’re a creature of habit there will be no need to even list your items, just ask Alexa to send you your last order and continue with whatever you’re doing.

Voice ordering is currently only available to customers within a 1.5 mile radius of the restaurant. However, Sprank has big plans to widen the net, revealing “This is just the start. We are working on a voice-first food delivery marketplace that we will be rolling out across London and the UK in the next few months”. Watch this space.

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