Where to eat for National Burger Day 2019

Grab a burger special at one of these London burger joints

Updated on 22 August 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

Where to eat for National Burger Day 2019

It’s National Burger Day, so celebrate accordingly at one of these London burger restaurants. 

Burger lovers rejoice, because on this fine summer’s day, 22 August 2019, some of the best burger restaurants in the capital are serving up one-day-only deals for National Burger Day, so there’s no real excuse for you not to munch on some buns. Slather it in cheese, load on the bacon and try to work out how you’re going to eat that stacked burger with making a total mess of it.

Whether it’s a burger discount, freebies or a special edition for Burger Day, these burger restaurants have got your burger cravings covered.


Not only is this meaty chain handing out burger discounts, but they are open for almost 40 hours to party the way you’re supposed to on Burger Day. Flip patties instead of pillows because from Wednesday at 11.30am until 3am on Friday, MEATliquor W1 is open to serve up sleep-beating burgers. They are offering 20% off any burger for you and a friend if you’re signed up to the mailer and pouring £3 Jäger Mules cocktails to wash them down.

Patty & Bun

This juicy burger haunt is dishing out the Burger Day Banger for just £7. The much-loved Banger burger is stuffed with double beef patties, topped with two slices of smoked cheddar and drenched in a beef fat mayonnaise, all on a brioche bun. Patty & Bun are also bringing the fire with the £6 Jose Jose Chilli Burger this week at selected restaurants.

Mac & Wild

This National Burger Day (and Friday too!), the Scottish meat fiends Mac & Wild are bringing a Double Dirty Dip Donut Burger to the party. For a tummy-filling £13, guests can tuck into the double patty delight inside a dip-glazed donut bun. The patties are made with aged-beef and topped with pickled peppers, smoked chilli jam, jalapeño, tattie rosti and a bacon cheese melt.

STK London

The international upmarket steak house is in on the fun too. STK London is preparing a meat feast with a 1.5kg burger to share. The double beef and chorizo patties are stuffed into smoked bacon and parmesan buns with chilli lime marinated tiger prawns, chipotle, and cheddar cheese. Clocking in at £55, STK recommends sharing its giant burger with two or three friends.

Frankie & Benny's

Free burgers! Yes, you heard right, Frankie & Benny’s are giving away burgers for free from midday this Burger Day. Simply purchase a bottle of Coca Cola or a pint of Budweiser and sign up on the website to score your freebie.

Monsieur Le Duck

Monsieur Le Duck is also serving up some National Burger Day specials with 25 free burgers handed out from midday. The Dirty Duck Burgers include a fried duck egg and if you miss out on the first 25, you can get a 50% discount for the rest of the day. That’s just £7.50 a pop.


Another burger discount is on the cards at Giraffe. All you need to do to get 50% your burger is show the staff the National Burger Day tweet about the special from Giraffe’s Twitter page.

Brasserie Blanc

If you’re looking to add some French je nai se quoi to your Burger Day, munch on the limited edition Bouef Burger’gnon by Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie Blanc. The £15 delicacy features a beef patty covered in a rich red wine bourguignon sauce, finished with tomato, bacon and onion rings, and is served with French fries.

If you’re looking for some other great spots to celebrate, try one of the best burger restaurants in London.