Nando's introduce off-peak lunchtime pricing

Because Nando's is cheeky at any time of the day

Updated on 12 September 2019 • Written By Aneesa Anwar

Nando's introduce off-peak lunchtime pricing

In an effort to lure customers in during their quieter lunchtime periods, Nando's has announced cheaper off-peak pricing during the lunchtime rush, as well as a brand new lunchtime menu. 

Available from opening until 3pm, Monday to Thursday, you can order certain items from the menu for just £5.95. This includes the classic pick of a quarter chicken or wings and chips, which would usually set you back £6.70 or a Caeser salad which normally costs £7.

Nando's is also trialling a range of new lunchtime-only dishes. You can try the new PERI-PERI Rice Bowl with chicken fillets, chargrilled peppers, spinach and dressed corn, and the veggie cataplana bowl if chicken isn’t your thing. Or, of course stick to the classic Nando’s order at the cheaper lunchtime price.

Although not quite as cheap as your £3 Tesco meal deal, you still make a big saving if you decide to get your chicken fix at lunchtime instead of popping in for a visit after work – and let’s face it, a cheeky Nando’s is good whatever time of day you decide to have it.

Available to both eat in or takeaway, you don't even need to leave your desk for too long to enjoy the nation’s favourite chicken shop.

Don’t get too excited just yet though. This menu is currently being trialled in a selected few Nando’s across the UK so before you rush off to get your £5.95 PERI PERI chicken wings, check their website to see if your local Nando’s is participating.   

If you’re lucky enough for your local Nando’s to be a participating restaurant, head down between 12 September and 2 December to enjoy new dishes and cheaper prices. No more re-heated dinners from the night before or meal deals for you.

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