Marco Pierre White charges fans just under £7000 to spend three nights with him

Chef Marco Pierre White is offering travelers a three night food experience in Scotland with him and it costs just shy of £7k

Updated on 10 February 2020 • Written By Henry Coldstream

Marco Pierre White charges fans just under £7000 to spend three nights with him

Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White has announced that fans can spend three nights with him in Scotland as part of a ‘food experience’ and it costs just…£6,910.

The three-night experience is offered by Satopia Travel and is called ‘A Spring Gastronomy Experience’ on their website.

The retreat is described as a “4-day culinary adventure experience surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the Scottish Highlands, in the company of the Godfather of modern British cooking, Chef Marco Pierre White at Alladale Wilderness Reserve.” The cost of the trip comes in at significantly more than an all-inclusive trip to pretty much any holiday destination.

However, if you’re prepared to fork out the £7k price tag, you’ll be rewarded with meals designed by the legendary chef, a tour around the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, as well as accommodation in a Victorian manor, recently refurbished by Laura Ashley.

Food critic and self-declared Marco Pierre White doppelganger Jay Rayner joked about the £7000 trip on Twitter saying that people could instead “bung [him] a few quid and mistake [him] for Marco like loads of others do while [he] knock[s] you up cheese on toast.”

This prompted a series of angry tweets from people shocked by the premium price tag for the ‘food experience’. One user commented “7k for 3 days?????? £2,333.33 per day???? What are they eating? Marco lightly toasted and adorned with edible gold leaf, saffron and caviar??”, whilst another remarked that they “could visit Hawaii for 2-3 weeks on less than that and that’s at one of the best hotels.”

Marco Pierre White was the first British chef to win 3 Michelin stars back in 1994 at the former Hyde Park Hotel, and was also at that point the youngest chef in history to hold the accolade.

He also recently got into hot water after making some highly questionable comments about women in restaurant kitchens.