Are Lindt Sharing Tins here to replace Roses and Quality Street this Christmas?

The chocolate company has announced it'll be joining the ranks of confectioners offering mixed tins this year for the first time ever

Updated on 07 September 2020 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Are Lindt Sharing Tins here to replace Roses and Quality Street this Christmas?

Christmas is rightly crowned the most wonderful time of the year, and part of its magic it has to be said, is found in the quantities of chocolate it brings. To join in on the fun, everyone’s favourite chocolate maker has just announced that Lindt Sharing Tins will make their first appearance this year.

It has been, without question, one of the hardest years in history, so any slight distraction from the current state of the world we’re welcoming with open arms. The new Lindt Sharing Tin promises 400g of rich and creamy mix and match Lindt favourites. In the selection box you’ll find classic milk chocolate, white, extra dark, a milk and white combo, hazelnut sweets and a new salted caramel truffle.


The new Lindt sharing tin will cost £15, although a promotional launch price has been touted by retailers like Sainsbury’s and Tesco of £10. Some savvy shoppers have pointed out that while the tin might seem inviting, you are actually getting less chocolate per pound of your hard earned cash than if you had just bought the standard boxes of chocolates, as you can normally get a 337g mixed box for £7.50. We guess the tin ain’t thrown in for free.

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Speaking about the latest addition to the Lindt family, the company said: ‘Since 1845, Lindt has been dedicated to producing the finest chocolates and the recipes created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers are of the highest quality to delight your taste buds.

‘The Lindor Assorted Tin is the perfect chocolate selection to make sharing this Christmas special – or for those looking to take a relaxing moment away from the chaos of daily life, enjoy a truffle or two in your favourite variety for a truly indulgent treat.’

That’s about all the persuasion we’ll need… Will the Lindt tin surpass classics like Roses and Quality Street in popularity at Christmas time? Only time will tell. 

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