Jamie Oliver wants to ban vending machines in the workplace

“If there’s only crap food available, that’s not a democracy”

Updated on 04 August 2020 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Jamie Oliver wants to ban vending machines in the workplace

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has spoken out about his distaste for unhealthy vending machines in UK workplaces.


The TV chef, who has previously lobbied the UK government for healthier school dinners, has now turned his attention to unhealthy eating habits in the workplace. Speaking in a new interview, Oliver slammed the lack of choice in many places of work and insisted that more nutritious options should be readily available.

The father of five said “Does anyone give a s*** about vending? Of course not. But it’s huge. Often in workplaces that don’t supply lunch or dinner, employees have no other source.”

Oliver’s comments appear to be referring to the likes of call centres and supermarkets, rather than offices where there might be cafeterias offering healthy options. He went on to say: “If you've got 5,000 people taking 999 calls, with three shifts a day and no food on offer for two shifts, it would be morally right to have choice. If there's only crap (food available), that's not democracy.”

This is not the first time that Oliver has tried to get the nation to eat healthier food. He famously tackled unhealthy school dinners for children earlier in his career, which led to the removal of the now infamous turkey twizzlers from school menus across the UK.

Oliver’s comments come as the government launches a new anti-obesity campaign, which could see junk food advertisements banned from being shown on television before 9pm. The government has faced criticism though for launching the campaign at the same time as its new Eat Out To Help Out Scheme, which sees diners receive up to 50% off their bill if they dine Monday through Wednesday during the month of August.

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