Jamie Oliver admits to using iPad to “hypnotise” his son into eating

The chef uses the technology to help son River eat “the good stuff”

Updated on 12 December 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Jamie Oliver admits to using iPad to “hypnotise” his son into eating

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has admitted that he sometimes uses an iPad to encourage his children to eat.

Speaking on the Table Manners podcast with Jessie Ware, the father of five said that he usually has little time for screens during meal times, but sometimes relents and uses one. The chef, who suffered the collapse of his UK restaurant empire earlier this year, said: “I hate screens, however River is such a feral child. Sometimes, we have to have a screen. We hate it. I am pretty much zero-tolerance with screens at the table as it really p*sses me off.”

Three year old River is the youngest of Oliver’s brood with wife Jools, which also includes 17 year old Poppy, 16 year old Daisy, 10 year old Petal and nine year old Buddy.

Explaining the difficulties he sometimes faces with River at meal times, the so called Naked Chef revealed: “If he’s not eating, if you put a screen in front of him it hypnotises him and you can put anything in his mouth."

Several Jamie's Italian branches closed their doors this year

“He likes carbs, all the other kids have been better with veggies and salads and trying different things. If you want to get the good stuff with him, almost the same as blending stuff into a smoothie, me and Jools will put it on and it does work.”

His children’s eating habits were not the only thing that the television chef discussed on the podcast, as he also revealed that he hasn’t ruled out having a sixth child. “I have tried to say ‘no more’ but it don’t go down very well” says Oliver. “Jools is an incredible mum. But she’s 45. I think she knows she’s got the last window of opportunity, as it were.”

Jamie Oliver is a busy man at the moment, recently revealing that he is planning to launch a new restaurant concept just six months after the collapse of his UK restaurant empire.