Would you eat dinner in a helicopter?

A delivery service is offering a new dining experience above the London skyline

Updated on 30 July 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

Would you eat dinner in a helicopter?

A restaurant delivery company is launching a unique way for you to enjoy a meal: in a helicopter 1000ft above London.  

If you think ordering from the delivery app on your phone is just too conventional or find eating in restaurants to be a bit vanilla for your liking, raise the bar (and your heart rate) by strapping up in the highest restaurant in Europe.

Take to the skies with Deliveroo’s new helicopter dining concept and tuck into your favourite takeaway on a whirlwind trip at 1000ft, while overlooking the sprawling London skyline. Book online to visit the first restaurant of its kind for a late breakfast or lunch, while high tea and dinner are also available. The aptly named Roocopter One gives dinner with a view a whole new meaning by offering dishes from the likes of Chipotle, Wagamama, Joe Public and Bababoom.

Aboard Deliveroo's helicopter, you can eat dishes like these from Bababoom

Deliveroo is currently trialling the dining experience for free in August, which is already sold out (no surprises there), but will hopefully be releasing the real deal soon. So, hop aboard Roocopter from Battersea helipad and start munching after take-off while you get to see famous London sites including the Battersea Power Station, the Shard and the O2 before turning around for landing.

The scenic trip only lasts 20 minutes, but is a novel way to see the city, have a tasty meal and score a few brownie points if you're planning an adrenaline-inducing date. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure you don’t spill your drink during all the excitement.

Going back to normal ordering might take some getting used to

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