Gordon Ramsay announces new restaurant and academy in Woking

Expect burgers and milkshakes from the Michelin chef, as well as a whole new cookery course

Updated on • Written By Rosie Conroy

Gordon Ramsay announces new restaurant and academy in Woking

Despite the pressures of a pandemic, Gordon Ramsay has announced he’s opening a new restaurant, in his first UK venture outside of London.

Due to open in Woking, the restaurant will fall under his Street Burger umbrella, which offers diners a relaxed menu of family favourites. Dishes will be made from ingredients that have been carefully sourced from across the UK, with headline acts such as the beef coming from the Lake District. There will also be a spicy fried chicken burger on offer, as well as plant-based options such as a butternut bhaji creation and a ‘Simple Burger’ which has a meat-free patty. Customers will be able to enjoy any burger and unlimited soft drinks for £15, making it an affordable and accessible dining destination.


Aside from the burgers you’ll also find a selection of treats like made-to-order milkshakes which can be customised with ingredients such as Oreos and popcorn, as well as there being a full range of beers and cocktails if you wish to make an evening of it.

The restaurant will be opening on the same site as another ‘first’ for the celebrity chef, his Gordon Ramsay Academy. The academy will look to act as a springboard for upcoming talent in the hospitality industry.

The team behind Gordon Ramsay Academy hope for it to be an industry-leading facility they say, with offerings for all ages and abilities. There will be a particular focus on supporting those who wish to get into the hospitality industry quickly, giving them “fun, relaxed and informative cookery classes” alongside real-world experience in Ramsay’s own restaurants. In some of the more advanced courses chefs will be offered a guaranteed job at the end of the term.

According to Surrey Live Ramsay has said he is "beyond excited to finally confirm The Gordon Ramsay Academy will be opening in Woking later this year.”

"I know how important mentors are…Through my network of restaurants and the incredible teams who work with me, I have the ability to offer hands-on, practical, career-changing opportunities that will hopefully inspire, motivate and develop a new generation of talented chefs for the future." He added.

With seven Michelin stars, 18 restaurants in London and an additional 17 restaurants globally, Gordon Ramsay owns one of the UK’s largest privately-run restaurant groups.

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