Five Guys are launching a breakfast menu

Burgers for breakfast anyone?

Updated on 04 December 2019 • Written By Aneesa Anwar

Five Guys are launching a breakfast menu

Five Guys are getting ready to launch their first breakfast menu at selected stores around the UK.

The popular American high street burger chain will be unveiling the new menu alongside the opening of their 100th UK store in St Paul’s. With 28 stores in London already, Five Guys is quickly expanding all over the city.

The breakfast menu will be served between 8-10:30am daily at four of their stores and includes four breakfast sandwiches, with each of them including egg, cheese or bacon.

Combinations include the bacon, egg and cheese roll with crispy apple-wood smoked bacon, two free-range eggs and melted American cheese and more simple options like a plain egg roll. Generous portions of hand cut fries can also be ordered with anything from the breakfast menu.  

To accompany your breakfast sandwiches Five Guys have created their own blend of 100% Arabica coffee and you can of course order their signature milkshakes and orange juice too.   

As with all the burgers, hot-dogs and sandwiches on Five Guys' menu, there are 15 different filings and sauces you can add to your breakfast sandwiches or go ‘all the way’ free of charge.

The menu will be served in four of the Five Guys restaurants around the UK including its new St Paul's location and the Oxford Street store.

To celebrate the launch of both the new menu and the 100th store, Five Guys will be giving away items from the breakfast menu as well as burgers and fries on the 9th December for free all-day at the St Paul’s store.

So if you just can’t shake that burger craving head down to St Paul's to get in on the free burger action, but don’t delay, because we predict this offer will be very popular with suits and tourists alike.

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