Rapper Eminem has opened a restaurant called ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’

The name references one of the star’s most famous lyrics

Updated on 30 September 2021 • Written By Caroline Hendry

Rapper Eminem has opened a restaurant called ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’

Rap superstar Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, has opened his first very restaurant, a fast-casual pasta concept that he has christened Mom’s Spaghetti.


Fine-dining this is not, as Mom’s Spaghetti is a small space found down an alleyway which features a walk-up window where diners can be served through a hatch. There is a small amount of indoor seating too, but the restaurant is mainly geared towards the takeaway trade. Above the restaurant, you can find The Trailer, a retail space dedicated to Eminem and 8 Mile merch and memorabilia, which is available to purchase.

The menu at Mom’s Spaghetti is limited to just three items: the eponymous dish, Mom’s Spaghetti with meatballs and a ‘Sghetti sandwich (which is exactly what it sounds like). The drinks list is short too, consisting of only water and a few soft drinks.

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Mom’s Spaghetti officially opened its doors on 29 September 2021 and Emimen surprised life-long fans (who had been queuing outside since the morning) by turning up at the restaurant unannounced and serving customers through a window hatch.

It’s not the first time that Eminem has toyed with the idea of having his own restaurant. The lyric ‘Mom’s spaghetti’ originally comes from ‘Lose Yourself’ the title track of Eminem’s Oscar-winning film 8 Mile. In 2017, the rapper promoted his album Revival by hosting a Mom’s Spaghetti pop up and in 2018, the pasta was available as a street food outfit at several of the festivals he performed at that year. In 2020, he provided free spaghetti to frontline workers at several hospitals in the US, during the height of the pandemic.

UK fans of the ‘Love The Way You Lie’ hitmaker will have to travel rather far to sample the goods though, as the first outpost of Mom’s Spaghetti is found in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit. It’s not yet known whether there are plans for further locations, but fast-casual concepts such as this one are often primed and ready for roll-outs.

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