Burger & Lobster is trolling McDonald’s with its own spicy nuggets

Guests can order a box of six to enjoy

Updated on 22 August 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Burger & Lobster is trolling McDonald’s with its own spicy nuggets

Upmarket London restaurant group Burger & Lobster has launched its own spicy lobster nuggets in a not-so-subtle swipe at fast food giant McDonald’s.

A few weeks ago, McDonald’s launched a new spicy version of its signature chicken nuggets, and fans couldn’t wait to get their heads blown off by the fiery snack. However, once people had actually got around to trying McDonald’s latest twist on their famous nugs, it quickly became apparent that the nuggets were not all they were cracked up to be, with several diners reporting that they didn’t taste very spicy at all.

Many McDonald’s fans on social media commented that the nuggets had not lived up to expectations. Twitter user @ElliotHackney said “McDonalds spicy nuggets are offensive to the word spicy”, while another, @Holly_Dack, joked that “KFC hot wings would absolutely destroy McDonalds spicy nuggets in a fight”.

In a cheeky response to the furore surrounding the nuggets, restaurant group Burger & Lobster has decided to launch its own take on the product. Across its nine London restaurants, Burger & Lobster will serve up a box of six lobster nuggets (made which chunks of fresh Atlantic lobster) which have been cooked in a spicy batter and are served with either truffle mayonnaise or a zesty lemon dip.

As lobster is undeniably more expensive to buy than chicken, the spicy lobster nuggets will set you back £15.95 for a serving of six. There’s also an added touch of exclusivity surrounding them, as the nugs will not actually appear on Burger & Lobster’s menu – instead, diners will have to order them ‘off-menu’, and even then, they’re only available between the hours of 8-10pm.

Burger & Lobster’s spicy lobster nuggets will be available at all of the restaurant’s London locations from 27 August.

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