You can now order a deep-fried Cadbury’s Crème Egg at this restaurant

This is no yolk

Updated on 12 April 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

You can now order a deep-fried Cadbury’s Crème Egg at this restaurant

The trend for deep-frying pretty much everything - Avocado? Sure. Mars Bars? Why not – shows no signs of slowing down, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised by the introduction of a deep-fried Cadbury's Crème Egg.

Although, this invention isn’t actually that new – the popular Simpsons Fish & Chip Shop in Cheltenham has been serving it up every Easter for the past five years. The seasonal special has proved to be egg-stremely popular with locals and tourists alike, with the shop having sold well over 1,000 deep-fried chocolate eggs since the idea came to them back in 2014.

One of Simpsons (several) serving suggestions

We shouldn’t be surprised at Simpsons’ Easter shenanigans though, as it’s got form. Every Valentine’s Day, the fish shop offers up fish & chip bouquets, which see battered cods and chips shaped like rose petals presents as a bouquet and wrapped in old newspaper.

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From now until the Easter weekend, guests can get their hands on the eggs-quisite creation for just £2. The best part is that £1 from the sale of each egg will go to the British Hen Welfare Trust, which is the largest hen rescue charity in the UK.

Simpsons have come up with several suggestions as to how you can eat the deep-fried delicacy – perhaps use a spoon to scoop out the filling, pop it all in in one go or even use it as a dipping sauce for your chips. 

Simpsons co-founder Bonnie tucks into her deep-fried creation

Bonny Ritchie, who co-founded Simpsons Fish & Chips, said:  Our battered Creme Egg is without doubt one of the most loved of our specials and if we didn’t bring it back, I’d predict a riot! Timing is key with this cracking creation – we fry the batter until it’s deliciously crispy which lightly warms the egg but ensures it stays firm. It’s truly delicious.”

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