This restaurant will let you swap old CDs for free chicken

A clucking great idea

Updated on 01 March 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

This restaurant will let you swap old CDs for free chicken

Restaurant group Slim Chickens plans to let diners swap their old CDs for free chicken.

As part of its ‘Tenders for Tunes’ music exchange initiative, Slim Chickens will reward customers with free-of-charge chicken tenders when they bring in their old CDs.

The restaurant takes pride in its soundtrack, which consists of a carefully curated playlist of the best of the blues, featuring classic hits by the likes of B.B King, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. Slim Chickens even has its own Spotify playlist for anyone who wants to listen to its tunes while on the go. 

Slim Chickens currently boasts over 80 sites in the US, but it will be the brand’s three UK locations which will be taking part in Tenders for Tunes. You can find the two London sites in Marylebone and Soho, while the third UK spot finds its home in Cardiff, Wales.

Slim Chickens is known for its signature chicken tenders

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On Monday 18 March, all three UK sites will offer the first 100 customers to each store free chicken tenders in exchange for their unwanted or forgotten about CDs. It’s the perfect chance to offload that impulse-buy One Direction album or your Post Malone collection (not that we’re music snobs or anything).

To add to the fun, a live blues band will be playing tunes at the Soho branch from 6pm. In order to get your free chicken, you simply have to take three unwanted CDs to your local Slim Chickens restaurant. This will get you three fresh, buttermilk marinated, hand-breaded, cooked-to-order chicken tenders for you to enjoy free of charge.   

A live band will be singing the blues at the Soho Slim Chickens


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The only catch is that the CDs must be in good condition, complete with their original cases and inserts. That’s because they will all be donated to charity organisations, where they will be sold on for others to enjoy.

If the idea of doing a good deed and nabbing some free chicken gets you all in a flap, head down to Slim Chickens on 18 March – we’ll see you there.

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