A renowned Edinburgh restaurant has pledged to ditch plastic

Including outlawing a popular cooking method

Updated on 13 May 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

A renowned Edinburgh restaurant has pledged to ditch plastic

A fine-dining Edinburgh restaurant has pledged to cut down on its consumption of single-use plastic.

Intimate Le Roi Fou, which is headed up by French-Swiss chef Jérôme Henry, has taken several drastic steps to be more environmentally friendly. The biggest change to be enforced is the banning of the popular sous vide cooking method. The process involves placing meat in a zip-lock plastic bag, which is then vacuum-packed and cooked slowly in a temperature-controlled pan of water. As the plastic can only be used once before being discarded, chef Henry has decided to do away with it altogether.

A scallop dish from the à la carte

Elsewhere, the 46-year-old chef has also banned plastic straws from his restaurant, as well as the use of cling film in the kitchen. The food wrapping is regularly used in restaurants across the UK, but the Le Roi Fou team has committed to using more sustainable alternatives, such as biodegradable paper, reusable plastics and steel containers topped with lids.

Commenting on his efforts to be more eco-conscious, Henry said: “When sous vide came along it was revolutionary, but I have stopped using the technique. Out of just one menu, there could be ten items being cooked in ten bags, which go straight into the bin.”

There are also several ways that restaurant diners can do their bit, including choosing to dine at restaurants which source their produce locally. “For me running a restaurant, I like to use ingredients from all over the world” says Henry, “But I try to be sensible by using as much locally sourced and seasonal ingredients as possible, keeping the food that has flown to a minimum, and trying not to overbuy”.

The dining room at Le Roi Fou

Le Roi Fou opened its doors to critical acclaim in 2017, and is the brainchild of Henry and his business partner Isolde Nash, who decided to go ahead with the venture after he moved up to Edinburgh from London and fell in love with the city.

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