Three is the magic number

Three is the magic number

Updated on 03 June 2018 • Written By Promotion

Three is the magic number

London’s love affair with gin shows no signs of stopping – and National Gin Week gives us more reason than ever to raise a glass. This special juniper-infused festival has been created around the global celebrations of World Gin Day on 9 June. If we needed further temptation to get involved, the capital’s leading bars will be mixing up delicious new gin cocktails, while retailers will be offering special deals on gin throughout June. 

But with all this choice how do you find the gin that’s right for you? We suggest you pick a number…

No.3 Gin is inspired by three vibrant centuries of drinks history in the capital and a passion for producing the very finest quality drinks. Created by Berry Bros & Rudd, London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, it takes its name from No.3 St James’s Street, the company’s address since 1698.

The vision behind No.3 Gin was simple: to create a gin that would set a new benchmark for quality, with a spirit so beautifully crafted that it could be used to create the perfect G&T, as well as making exquisite cocktails or even be enjoyed neat. Since its first release in 2010, No.3 Gin has won widespread praise from drinks experts and is the only brand to have been awarded the ‘Best in Class Trophy’ for gin three times at the International Spirits Challenge.

Presented in a high-shouldered green bottle reminiscent of the pontil style that was used to transport gin in the 17th century, and proudly adorned with a replica of the key to The Parlour at Berry Bros & Rudd, every bottle of No.3 Gin strikes a sartorial balance between gin-making tradition and modern elegance.

How it’s made

No3 gin white backgroundInside the bottle you’ll find a classic London Dry Gin with exquisite balance of flavour and a smooth, full-bodied texture. It’s the result of three important factors: the unique recipe of botanicals, the quality of the ingredients and the painstaking production process for each batch, which takes place at Royal de Kuyper Distillers in Schiedam, Holland under the watchful eye of master craftsmen.

The recipe for No.3 Gin was created by a team of experts led by Dr David Clutton, the only person in the world with a PhD in gin. It uses three fruit botanicals: juniper berries, orange peel, grapefruit peel – and three spice botanicals: angelica root, coriander seeds and cardamom pods.  

These six botanicals are procured from the best sources around the world to ensure the finest quality. They are carefully weighed according to the unique No.3 Gin recipe, then steeped overnight in a traditional copper pot still to release their flavours. There follows a slow and deliberate distillation process, which carefully eliminates any impurities in the spirit, while retaining the finest flavour attributes. 

The end result is a gin in which all botanicals play their part in creating a unique taste experience. Distinctive juniper flavours and lively grapefruit zest are immediately evident when tasting, followed by delicate orange sweetness and subtle aromatic spice from the cardamom. Notes of fresh lemon and pepper from the coriander seeds lead to the dry finish created by angelica root.

No3 gin flavour wheel

Be Gin-spired…


Whether you prefer a classic, crisp G&T or a deliciously different cocktail, the No.3 Gin website, offers recipes and tips that are easy-to-follow and are designed to suit your own sense of adventure. If you prefer to experiment, an easy-to-use flavour wheel identifies the different ingredients that pair perfectly with the six botanicals in No.3 Gin. 

To get started, why not take some tips from the experts? Pick up a bottle from Waitrose or Amazon to mix up your own No.3 & Tonic or visit any of the bars below where you can also try a range of bespoke cocktails created by some of London’s top bartenders – and find out why they love mixing with No.3 Gin.

Ace Hotel


Glass: Nick & Nora

Garnish: Orange twist

Method: Put all of the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir well to mix. Strain into the glass.

40ml No.3 Gin

15ml sweet vermouth

7.5ml The King’s Ginger

2 dashes Angostura bitters

gin and tonic in large glass with fruitNo.3 & Tonic

Glass: Large balloon wine glass

Garnish: Pink grapefruit slice and sprig of rosemary

Method: Take your wine glass (or a copa gin glass if you have it) and fill it two-thirds full with cubed ice. Pour in the gin and top with tonic.

50ml No.3 Gin

100ml Schweppes 1783 Crisp Tonic Water

Bar Américain at Brasserie Zedel

No.3 Aviation

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Cherry

Method: Put all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake to mix, then double strain into the glass and garnish.

50ml No.3 Gin

15ml lemon juice

10ml maraschino

2.5ml crème de violette

The Trafalgar St James

No3 gin with skyline viewCloud 3

Glass: Flute

Garnish: Chamomile flower

Method: Put all of the ingredients except the sparkling wine in a shaker with ice. Shake to mix, then strain into a flute and top with sparkling wine.

50ml No.3 Gin

20ml elderflower cordial

20ml egg white

15ml cloudy apple juice

10ml lemon juice

Sparkling wine to top

No3 gin cocktailNelson’s Collins

Glass: Highball  

Garnish: Raspberry and rosemary sprig.

Method: Put all of the ingredients except the tonic in a shaker with ice. Shake to mix, then strain into the glass. Top with tonic and garnish.

45ml No.3 Gin

15ml lemon juice

2 bsp berry purée

1 drop absinthe

The London Essence Co Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water to top


Dried Apple Highball

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Tarragon tincture

Method: Put all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake to mix, then strain into the glass over ice and garnish.

40ml No.3 Gin

20ml lemon juice

15ml Allaborg Aquavit

15ml apple juice

15ml fino sherry

15ml orgeat syrup

10ml parsnip juice

5ml Suze

The Bloomsbury Club


Vanessa Bell cocktail at The Bloomsbury Club barVanessa Bell

Glass: Nick & Nora

Garnish: Rosebud

Method: Put all of the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir well to mix. Strain into the glass and garnish.

40ml No.3 Gin

15ml Belsazar Dry

15ml homemade rosebud syrup

15ml homemade pink grapefruit shrub

10ml Cocci Americano