The best crêpes in London: where to get a sweet or savoury treat

The French may do them best, but London is a close second

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The best crêpes in London: where to get a sweet or savoury treat

The best crêpes in London aren't altogether an easy thing to find, so in aid of the common good everywhere, we've put our thinking caps on to collate a list of must-visit spots in the capital.

Arguably one of the best treats that have travelled over the English Channel, the crêpe stall is a French staple that Londoners can all agree is delicious. Although ever so slightly hidden, there are now lots of great crêpe stalls and restaurants serving this unbelievably versatile paper-thin delight, allowing you to transport à Paris in a mouthful. The versatility of the crêpe is the best part about it. Being neither sweet nor savoury, you are free to customise it to your mood by putting almost any topping or filling on or in it, knowing that it can morph into whatever you need it to be in that moment.

The crêpe has a humble beginning and dates to around the 13th century in Brittany, France, where a housewife accidentally dribbled some thin porridge onto a hot flat cooktop. The delicious accident was soon replicated and improved into a dish of its own. Whether or not it was an accident, and whether or not the story is true, it’s led us to the delicious crêpe that we eat today.


Whilst we may have some pretty good pancakes of our own, the crêpe is in a completely different league, and you don’t even have to leave the country to experience the best of the dish. London has plenty of venues that can cater to all your crêpe cravings. We’ve taken the hard work out of your hands and compiled a list of some of the best crêpes in the city. For the crêpe purists out there, you’ll be happy to know that every place on this list does the classics. We are talking Nutella, lemon and sugar, jam... You get the picture. But next time, why not venture into the land of savoury and try the hearty flavour of buckwheat experience, or perhaps a mushroom and spinach?

La Crêperie de Hampstead


Why: Perhaps one of the most famous crêpe places in the city, Not only does La Crêperie de Hampstead have queues that stretch around the block, but it’s also made multiple TV appearances too. Setting up shop next to the King Williams IV pub as a permanent fixture in 1980, it has become an iconic part of Hampstead High Street. Get here early if you want to get your hands on one of these sweet or savoury crêpes.   
Where: 77A Hampstead High Street, NW3 1RE

My Old Dutch

Why: This quirky pancake house serves up pancakes like crêpes, but if you are after a stack of thick and chunky pancakes, they do those too. With a relaxed atmosphere and vegan or gluten-free options, you can order the likes of pancakes topped with chilli con carne, apple and cinnamon or a four-cheese serve. With flavours for each course, you can easily have a whole three crêpe meal here.
Where: 221 King’s Road, SW3 5EJ
Book Now: My Old Dutch



Why: Coming together in 2014 to fuse the two French classics of crêpe and Croque Monsieur, L’Amuse-Bouche was born and now resides in Pop Brixton. Savoury crêpes and galettes (which are gluten free) with fillings of goat's cheese and spinach and raclette cheese and Parma ham are a good lunchtime treat and for dessert, go for a sweet crêpe with Nutella, lemon and sugar or salted butter and caramel.  
Where: Pop Brixton, SW9 8PQ

Le Merlin

Why: Specialising in crêpes and galettes, this Clapton crêperie offers up all the traditional fillings alongside the likes of a roasted aubergine, morbier cheese and seared pears galette, and a sweet salted butter caramel with chocolate sauce and grilled almonds pancake. There are so many variations and flavours to try, one visit may not be enough.
Where: 78 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0RN
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Kova Patisserie


Why: Although crêpes are traditionally a French creation, this Japanese Patisserie café puts its own twist on the French favourite, by layering them in-between cream to make whole mille crêpe cakes. Coming in a range of flavours from traditional Japanese matcha, to chocolate and vanilla, you can buy these by the slice, or if you need one for an event buy the whole cake, it’s definitely a change to the traditional Victoria sponge.
Where: 9-12 St Anne’s Court, W1F 0BB

Crème de la crêpe

Why: With humble beginnings, Crème De La Crepe started in St Andrews, but opened its first-ever bricks and mortar store in Covent Garden Market in 2008. Since then it has been serving up great quality crêpes with a range of fillings from goat's cheese and onion, to marmite and cheese - all with the background music of whichever musician has taken to paying live in the historical market at the time. Their sweet crêpes are worth a try too. Offering all the classics (think: sugar and lemon and Nutella), as well as the ‘Cheap Date’ with Mars and Baileys and the ‘French Kiss’ with dark chocolate and Grand Marnier.     
Where: The Piazza, WC2E 8RE
Book Now: Crème De La Crêpe

Crêpes à la Carte

Why: Using organic buckwheat flour to make its galettes, Crêpes a la Carte serves these square savoury delights packed with a range of different fillings such as smoked salmon and spinach or goat's cheese and tomato. For dessert try one of the sweet crêpes doused in salted butter caramel, Nutella or jam. You’ll find the crêperie in Kentish Town, but it also frequents a number of food markets including the Southbank Center Food Market and Victoria Park Market.  
Where: 112 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9PX

Senzala Creperie

Why: Cooking up French crêpes with Brazilian flair, you’ll find traditional Brazilian ingredients and recipes put on top of crêpes. Try the king prawn Cajun, el egg ranchero or the Spaniard with cheese and chorizo. On the sweeter side, go for the apple d’amour, banana scotch or banana Canela. As it's part of Brixton Market, once you’re done at Senzala you can carry on your food tour around the other stalls and restaurants.    
41-42 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PS

Kensington Creperie

Why: Staying open late, this South Kensington crêperie is considered one of the best in the area. Serving up freshly made crêpes and galettes with wine and ciders to accompany them, try the likes of beef ragu, four cheese or chicken peri-peri galettes, or if you are one to go for a sweet main (we don’t judge) the tropical fruit or chocolate trio crêpes are a good choice.  
Where: 2-6 Exhibition Road, SW7 2HF

Chelsea Crêperie


Why: After cooking up crepes for their big family for years, the people behind Chelsea Crêperie decided it was time to unleash their tasty recipe on the neighbourhood of Chelsea. Putting together exciting and different flavour combinations, you can order the likes of a salmon and cream crêpe, classic ham and cheese and lots of sweet combinations including pear and chocolate, Nutella and a traditional Suzette.
Where: 240 Fulham Road, SW10 9NA
Book Now: Chelsea Crêperie

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