Best brunch in Bath: 9 top brunch spots to try out

Grab a table on a cobbled terrace in lovely Bath and watch the world go by with a spot of brunch...

Updated on • Written By Pete Dreyer

Best brunch in Bath: 9 top brunch spots to try out

As anyone who has visited Bath will tell you, this picturesque city has a lot going for it - a magnificent abbey, the beautiful Royal Crescent with its proud Georgian stone mansions, and of course, the Roman Baths which give the city its name.


That’s all very well if you’re visiting for a day, but what if you live here? Well, Bathonians will tell you - Bath’s exciting, rejuvenated food and drink scene has something for everyone, from great wine bars and cafes to a host of brilliant restaurants, including the highly respected, Michelin-starred Olive Tree in the Queensberry Hotel on Russell Street.

But enough about that, that’s not why you’re here is it? You’re looking for the best brunches in Bath, and we’ve got you covered. Bath is technically a city - the largest in Somerset - but it still has a West Country laid-back vibe about it, and as a result, brunch suits the city rather well. Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Who cares! As long as the food is good and no-one is in a rush, we’re all happy.

Full disclosure - we’ve included a couple of spots that some may consider to be more breakfast than brunch, but brunch is as much about time of day as anything else. If you want a cinnamon bun from Landrace Bakery at midday, and you want to call it brunch, who are we to stop you? Likewise, we’ve included a few of the city’s classic brunch spots, including the likes of Boston Tea Party, Kingsmead Kitchen, and Rooted Cafe - a veggie and vegan favourite.

So, without further ado, scroll down for our favourite brunch spots in Bath.

Best brunch in Bath

Good Day Cafe

What: A quick peruse of Good Day Cafe’s Instagram feed and the sweet-toothed among you will be salivating. Caramel chocolate brownies! Kinder bar cookie dough! Custard Cream blondies! If you’re a dessert for brunch sort of person, Good Day Cafe is the place for you.
Where: 12 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH
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The Walcot

What: You’ll find The Walcot in a beautiful old bakery on Walcot Street, serving a compact, delicious breakfast and brunch menu. The old building itself is beautiful and a great spot if you want to sit somewhere a bit chic and watch the world go by with a coffee and a bacon and egg bap. The restaurant is great too later in the day and well worth a visit in its own right.
Where: 90 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BG
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Landrace Bakery

What: We featured the magnificent Upstairs at Landrace at number 15 in our Top 100 Restaurants in the UK list for 2022. Well, downstairs from Upstairs at Landrace is Landrace Bakery - a cracking bakery that specialises in sourdough made from British grains, and outstanding pastries. You can sit upstairs in the mornings, and let brunch drift straight into lunch when the restaurant opens.
Where: 61 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BN
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Boston Tea Party Alfred Street

What: A reliable West Country favourite, Boston Tea Party has restaurants all over the south west and has become popular with the brunch crowd for delicious eggs, veggie breakfasts, great coffee and chirpy, colourful interiors. The Alfred Street branch has a little bit of terrace seating too, and the inside is massive, with loads of room for large groups.
Where: 8 Alfred Street, Bath, BA1 2QU
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Same Same But Different

What: Head on over to this charming, colourful cafe for simple, delicious cooked breakfasts. Vegetarian and vegan options are great too, and relaxed, friendly service makes you feel right at home. The location is perfect as well - just around the corner from the Circus. What’s not to like?
Where: 7a Princes Buildings, Bath, BA1 2ED
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Kingsmead Kitchen

What: Kingsmead Kitchen’s prime location on charming, cobbled Kingsmead Square means that it’s always buzzing with customers tucking into cooked breakfasts, shakshuka, breakfast sandwiches and omelettes. The coffee is great too, and Kingsmead probably boasts the best people watching in Bath if you’re on the little terrace outside.
Where: 1 Kingsmead Street, Kingsmead Square, Bath, BA1 2AA
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Cafe au Lait

What: Another of Bath’s great family-run indie cafes, Cafe au Lait has a cracking little spot right next to Bath Spa, so you can stop in for a bite to eat whenever you’re heading in and out of the city. Alongside quality cooked breakfasts, Cafe au Lait also does a mean pancake stack, and the team will very kindly store your luggage if you want to go and explore the city before getting a train.
Where: 12/14 Dorchester Street, Bath, BA1 1SS
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Green Bird Cafe

What: Another independent cafe with a cultish following, Green Bird certainly benefits from a brilliant location between Royal Crescent and the Circus. Still, if the food wasn’t top notch it wouldn’t be so highly rated amongst locals. Eggs are the order of the day here - go with fried, poached or scrambled, then add toppings of your choice. Outdoor tables are lovely, but extremely difficult to nab on nice days so make sure to get in early when the sun is shining.
Where: 11 Margaret's Buildings, Bath, BA1 2LP
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Rooted Cafe

What: Independent and family run, Rooted Cafe is a little way out of Bath city centre, but it’s worth the trek, as its cult following of vegans and veggies will attest to. The Full Indian breakfast is always popular, and there are other brunch classics like bubble and squeak, and chilli and feta smash, all served on Bertinet Bakery bread.
Where: 20 Newbridge Road, Bath, BA1 3JX
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