Ostuni Highgate

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1 Hampstead Lane , London, N6 4RS

Ostuni Italian restaurant North London
Ostuni Italian restaurant North London
Ostuni Italian restaurant North London
Ostuni Italian restaurant North London
Ostuni Italian restaurant North London

SquareMeal Review of Ostuni Highgate

bronze award


Puglia, that southern, sun-soaked region of Italy, had been under-represented (ie non-existent) on the London dining scene until this double-fronted cantina opened its doors. Ostuni’s shtick is rustic plates of pasta, seafood and ‘bombettes’ (rolled pork with provolone cheese) baked in a traditional stone oven. It’s packed most nights, which means service is frenetic, but it’s warm and authentic – just like the food. Tonno carpaccio is light, and garnished with lemony raw fennel salad. The slow-cooked octopus with fava bean purée is umami-rich and perfectly cooked. Foglia d’ulivo – olive leaf shaped green pasta with garlic mushrooms, truffle and a dollop of burrata melting on top – is heaven in a dish. Fresh fish is brought in daily, so the sea bream baked in a salt crust or catch of the day is worth a shot, served with a rocket and fennel salad, leaving room for a mug of tiramisu to finish. Kick off with a Negroni then move on to a carafe of Locorotondo, a punchy white that pairs well with meat and fish.

Ostuni Highgate Location

1 Hampstead Lane , London N6 4RS

Opening times

Mon-Sun 12N-10.30pm

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Food & Drink: 8.0


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Food + drink: 4

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Atmosphere: 5

Value: 4

Platinum Reviewer
24 July 2016

The food is rustic and seems authentic. We started with a bowl of different breads - all of them good - and a plate of salami and cured capocollo. Then we had a dish of roasted meats to share, including bombette, chunks of lamb and a tiny bit of chicken along with some fennel and radish salad, and a sort of sweet chilli tomato sauce for dipping. Add some ultra-thin and crispy courgette fries and this was filling and plenty for two. With a bottle of Puglian red we felt very relaxed and almost on holiday, made even more so by bumping into some friends we hadn't seen for ages. This feels like a good community place, and good news for Highgate.

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