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3 Royal Terrace , Edinburgh, EH7 5AB

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Set in a lushly refurbished Victorian townhouse, this one-off venture provides the setting for Michelin-starred Paul Kitching’s forays into gastronomic performance art and leftfield experimentation. The ‘21212’ moniker should really be ‘31313’ as there are now three starter choices, then soup, three mains, then cheese and finally three desserts. Both lunch and dinner can involve the whole shebang, although you can have fewer courses, priced accordingly. Kitching is a “hugely talented” chef who is capable of conjuring up a daily riot of fantastical constructions ranging from scallop ‘pudding’ with barley, onion and sweetcorn, prune and macadamia, pink peppercorns and balsamic to ‘halibut, egg shells’ (a combo involving prawn, cauliflower, walnuts, crab, rice salad and soy). The jokes come thick and fast as the kitchen works its magic – note ‘10CC’ (a dish involving 10 ingredients, all beginning with the letter ‘C’). As expected, desserts also let rip, from ‘ginger-nuts’ (chestnut, cinder toffee, glazed meringue, black berry brûlée and ‘crème stem’) to ‘APPPs’ (described as a ‘rice cream chocy egg’). It’s all about high-wire thrills here, and the whole show is backed by “great service”.

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3 Royal Terrace , Edinburgh EH7 5AB

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Food + drink: 5

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25 December 2013

I guess since it was named the choices have increased as it is now a choice of 3 starters, mains and deserts. I'm fairly Michelin stared restaurants jaded since my broker days, just how much and often can you eat fois and truffle (ok quite a lot!). So 21212 proved to be an absolute treat. The food was stunningly amazing, rather than being a chunk of protein with veg as you'd find in traditional restaurants, each dish here was a construction of small parts across the plate incorporating textures and flavours, all of which complimented each other impeccably. even the soup which you'd might imagine to be a mundane course was a total tasty treat, on our visit seasonal vegetable with hearty helping of seasonal veg in it. My description doesn't in anyway do the menu justice, but safe to say we'll be back soon and as an especial treat maybe stay in one of the rooms too.

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