‘Thoughts for Food’ with Adam Byatt

On 7 August ‘thoughts for food’ cooking classes will be beginning at Trinity Restaurant. Head chef Adam Byatt will take on a small class every fortnight & will be teaching the fundamentals of cooking. The curriculum will include subjects such as pasta, light braising, the purchase & preparation of ingredients, cooking fish & the perfect bread recipe. The class will begin at 10.15am with light refreshments & the lesson will run for one & a half hours. Participants will then have a short break & return to enjoy the fruits of their tuition over a light lunch & a glass of Champagne in the dining room.

7 August: Pasta & light braising

21 August: English fish & shellfish

4 September: Risottos & wild fungi

18 September: Nose to tail

2 October: Artichokes & basic bread

16 October: Poultry & quick & easy dinners

30 October: Food for entertaining & selecting wine for dinner parties

13 November: English game season & making sauces

27 November: Birds for Christmas & classic apple tart tatin

11 December: Foie gras, caviar & truffles