Tales of whisky and star-crossed lovers: celebrate Tanabata at Aqua Kyoto

High-profile Japanese whisky producers Suntory brings Tanabata to London: a dreamy, Japanese star festival based on a tale of two star-crossed lovers that are cast to opposite sides of the Milky Way and are forbidden to meet except on Tanabata Day, the seventh day of the seventh month. And to complicate it further and add an even more mournful note, they can only meet then if the stars align and the weather permits it.

It might be a romantic tale of woe but lighten things up by joining award-winning Suntory and Aqua Kyoto for a sun-kissed, glamorous evening of Japanese whisky and culture, to a backdrop of pulsing beats from Tokyo-born, London-based DJ Koichi Sakai. Aqua Kyoto will be transformed into a Japanese garden, lined with pretty glowing lanterns and bamboo trees, which guests will be tying their paper wishes to, in traditional Tanabata fashion. Suntory will also be unveiling its two newest whiskies: Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve and Hakushu Distiller's Reserve in highball serves.

Aqua Kyoto's bartenders will also be serving a variety of other highball serves, including a classic Hakushu highball from Suntory’s forest distillery, Hakushu, located deep in the southern Japanese alps. Expect a few surprising whisky curveballs such as the Yamazaki Orange Blossom and Hakushu Summer Twist made with elderflower to keep things interesting.

This event takes place on Sunday 6 July from 2-9pm at Aqua Kyoto. For more information, call 020 3589 3945.